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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

*FIRST EVER VEGANVILLE CONTEST* but you must enter to win


But First A Message From Veganville's Owner and President, GiGi.

Last year, our first year here at Veganville was a stellar year. Our Martha in the Big House Cookies and Martha Made a Mint Cookies sold a stellar amount and in 2010 we hope to make it even more stellar by going door to door impersonating girl scouts. I am honored to be part of a company with such innovative approaches.This week our resident blogger, GiGi will have a brand spanking new Vegan series entitled "Sodium is Your Friend". To commemorate that new series we will have our first ever contest! Thanks for your support.Remember you have to be in it to win it.
Veganville's Sodium is Your Friend Contest
1st Prize : A sandwich or a Wrap or
 1 dozen Martha In The Big House Cookies (if you are out of state)
2nd Prize:  Sorry there is none.
Please see contest rules and regulations below!
In the 1960's there was a  TV show called the Dick Van Dyke Show.

1. Morey Amsterdam played a character called Buddy Sorell. He talked about his wife but she was only in one episode. What was Buddy Sorell's wife's name. Please send Veganville her name and reasonable facsimile or picture that depicts her name.
2.For the win. What was the name of the TV show Buddy,and Dick and Sally wrote for?

Thank You and I'm rooting for you!
This contest ends March 19th, 2010. Please comment here or send all answers through Facebook Fan Page or FaceBook Me.

Contest Rules
1.Must be 18 years or older or accomapnied by a guardian, or surgeon general. 2. Must like Sandwiches or cookies. 3. Must Be a Follower of this Blog. Not just a Fan on the fan page. 4.You Must have very good eyes because this type is very very small.


  1. I posted my entry on the Veganville facebook page & I like sandwiches.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Her name was Pickles and they wrote for the Allen Brady Show

  4. So you DO have aTV! Does it have Rabbit Ears and only get 1950's TV shows?

  5. Noreen Poli, pleae make yourself a follower or you are disqualified. Mark, that whole television conversion was quite tough for me. Yes my old tv channeled 50's and 60's shows. You are very astute or did Mr. Peabody tell you to say that?

  6. I am following the Veganville blog anonymously

  7. I am a follower of the blog--your blog offeres an anynonymous following which is what I chose so that my Yahoo account is not made public... Check the blog options... i am on it.

  8. I channel Mr. P's thoughts (or are THESE Mr. P's thoughts (or these)). I'm soooo confused.

  9. Hi Mark-
    I just received your entry photo on my Fb link. That is a very nice picture of Dick and Laura's bedroom.
    Noreen I received your very big dill picture.

    I just received another entry from a non-follower via my e-mail. We'll see if they can follow the rules. Good luck everybody.