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Saturday, February 20, 2010

White Album/ Vegan Fashion Foray

Sure, Veganville is about cookies and cakes and saving lots of animals and sometimes being annoying, but a girl cannot live on food alone. A gal needs fashion. Why without fashion, I'd be singing "Is That All There Is ?". Without fashion I'd be lost. Me and my buddy Peggy Lee would both be pushing up daisies. Yes Peggy Lee did a lot for doggies around the world when she did the score for "Lady and The Tramp " as well as the voice of (big surprise) Peg. All those feathers and furs, particularly during the Divine Miss Lee's white era would have provided a field day for any red paint weilding Peta member. Oh Peg, Peg, Peg...Why didn't you do right? I just know if Miss Lee were around today her closet would be different. Oh Miss Lee, you would have rocked these vegan duds! Perfect for your all white closet.

kona tee-$65
Fly High Faux Leather Jacket- $33 Forever 21
Olsen Haus Groovie Bootie in Camel- $215
Faux Leather Mikko Tote- $32
Gold Filigree Butterfly ring-$9.12
Bottega Veneta Sunglasses-$520 net-a-porter

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