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Friday, February 26, 2010

Warning all systems...warning...

I'm pretty much like my computer, when things go haywire I have a tendency to shut down. I look like my cat when she is stalking a defenseless rodent. My week has been littered with technological road kill. It was a week that seemed so promising so springlike!

My parents gifted me with new super powered mixer! I found a new program for my blog. I was filled with creativity and hope.
As my creativity flourished, my computer crashed continuously.

I spent hours upon hours attempting to export photos from a new nifty web site. I finally got them to my site. They were Lilliputian sized and not recognizable no matter how close my nose was to the screen.
Well, I thought if I can't blog I'll mix. I opened the instruction manual to find warnings of death on every page. Do not use if there is no three prong outlet. Warning. Warning. I wasn't sure I wanted to risk my life for a vegan key lime pie.
Larry insisted I was safe. This from a man I caught prying toast out of a plugged in toaster with a metal fork.

My mom called me a scaredy cat. Were Larry and my mom in cahoots? Probably not, I reasoned. Is it because my mom is fearless and believes I should take a risk? Is this a crazy suggestion from the same woman who crossed international boundaries without a passport by crawling under a table. I remembered that besides tapioca my mom's biggest fear is taking something back to a department store.
This song is for my mom and Larry.

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