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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Casein Point

I ran into my buddy Gillette in Whole Foods one night. He was getting ingredients for his bimonthly Project Runway cook fest. Since I am a regular, and Gillette and his wife Kathleen are so awesome, they always serve vegan options for me. A quick glance in Gillette's cart, hmmmm, dough, sauce, mushrooms, olives, peppers, basil, cheese for non-vegans told me pizza party. (I'm so quick) What's that? Soy cheese? Uh oh.
Should I keep my mouth shut and starve at the Project Runway party or tell Gillette about the horrors of the soy cheese? I weighed the pros and cons in my head. Starve...maybe I could be a Project Runway model. Nah,too old, too big a schnoz.The words came flying out of my mouth.
Gillette, is that soy cheese for me? That's very nice of you but there is casein in it and I choose not to eat that.
Some of those soy cheese people are giant deceptive liars. They offer up their soy cheese as an alternative to dairy cheese and then they just add the crappiest milk ingredient "casein" to their product so it tastes more like cheese. In fact it still is cheese. Casein is a milk protein. It can cause sinus congestion, const----and asthma symptoms. You know what else Gillette? Do you know why vegans don't eat dairy? Vegans don't eat dairy because farmers keep their dairy cows impregnated so they can yield lots of milk. The farmers take their itty bitty babies away from the cows and put them in crates and then they all wind up in that very evil place called a slaughterhouse. Just saying.
Nice to see you Gillette. Give my love to Kathleen. So what do you think Heidi and Nina Garcia will be wearing this week?

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