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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Paris is Burning

It's Valentine's Day. Love it, loathe it or skip over it. For me, since holidays mean prospective clients, opportunities to whip up new enthralling creations, and loads of gelt coming my way, I should be yelling, "yippeekayay it's a holiday".
Feh, I say. I can have the same stupid expectations of my business that I've had with a bad lover. That's not to say business is bad or cheesy, but expectations always are. The old adage says, "expectations are like resentments waiting to happen." It seems that every holiday ten clients crawl out of the woodwork and FB me about all the goodies they are going to order, and "can I have special this, and special that,GiGi?". They wind up not ordering and then they hide from my FB wall until the next holiday with order "promises". Of course I have wonderful customers too, but like a typical codependent I expect a lot from non-ordering customers. All these expectations
just reminds me of Paris.
Once upon a time there was this guy I was not that crazy about,(read A.H.) but who I was certain was going to take me to Paris (why else would I have slept with him?) I mean c'mon. All that moaning and sweating and "I see Paris, I see France, I see GiGi's... well you know". So I wasted all this freakin precious time, for what? Oh it seemed so promising too but, a Mets game and a takeout pizza?! Expectations are not pretty, my friend.
This Valentine's Day my man done good. Thank you honey, but just in case Marcia and I devised a special cupcake box. This box is for anybody who has ever known disappointment, anyone who has lived through dead flowers from the street merchant, cheap drugstore candy, imaginary excursions, 12 freaking innings, cold pizza, a voodoo doll or a "I hate that muther" vegan ice cream hangover. The special "I Hate Valentine's Day" cupcake box is just for you. Don't say you aren't loved. xoxoxo

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