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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Anatomy of a Barbie, Chrissy or Britney cake/ Part One

My pal Marcia and I are both youtube junkies so prior to embarking on this project we sat and watched a lovely Mormon right wing army wife and 20 year old mother of 5 create a pristine Barbie princess cake. Of course we had other plans for Barbie!

While Marcia went thrifting for a suitable Barbie facsimile it was my mission to bake a hoop skirt we could plunge Barbie's torso into.

I baked two 9" cakes for the base and baked a third in a heavily greased round pyrex. Even though the second appeared to be a crispy mess, it was actually okay because I would be torting the crap out of it to fit on the base. My hubby Larry ate the crispy mess part and gave it a thumbs up.
Pyrex Hint of the day: Depending on your recipe lower your temp. by 25 degrees and add about 15 minutes to the cooking time. Pyrexing might take some experimentation.
While the second attempt at proper pyrexing was cooling, Marcia texted me to tell me Barbie was now a recluse, but Sporty Spice and Britney Spears were available for our gig. The only problem with Britney was that she had an uncanny resemblance to Chris Evert. Marcia and I agreed that people would be able to differerntiate between Chris Evert and Britney only if Marcia shaved Britney's head. So... the purchase was a done deal.

Thrifting can be a dirty job. I mean really... who knows where Britney and Chrissy have been sitting lately. Marcia did an awesome job shaving Britney's head and then we gave Larry the honors of bathing Britney in our dwarf like sink. (For those of you reading into sexual immuendo here, forget it...Larry is just a little OCD and loves cleaning...anything).

I whipped up some vegan buttercream, and we filled our trusty pastry bags with a star tip, but uh- oh would Britney be able to pop out of this cake? After eyeing the dimensions Marcia and I realized that we would have to make an executive decision. What would k-fed do? For the love of God and cakemation we decided to break Britney's legs.

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