Make No Bones About It We're Vegan

Friday, August 28, 2009

Not on My Time

I've had all day to blog. I promised myself I would and now I have 45 minutes before an appointment. I've always hated how appointments can infringe on my free time. Beating Molly at Pathwords has become a driving force in my life. That... and walking! Today I tallied 127 games of Pathwords, 70 games of Bejeweled blitz, helped Don Bactorio with a Mafia Heist and baked what should have been 7 dozen mint chocolate chip cookies. I then hiked about 6 miles in horrifyingly high temperatures because 3 dozen cookies went missing before they even hit the oven.
I was going to finally finish the blog about Marcia's and my Barbie cake, but crap now I gotta go get ready. I am kinda psyched because I fit back into my fave little black summer dress and I'm going to wear it tonight...I hope. Wish Larry wouldn't eat all that cookie dough.
So all you other social network geeks...why didn't somebody just call it My Face and Space book?