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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Anatomy of a ...Part Two

We decided to make Britney's gown half tofutti and half earthbalance to make her more like a cheesecake. In an effort to make Britney "like a virgin" (remember she and Madonna were once Lesbian lovers ) we left her icing untinted. Alas, a bald head and white attire can look a little cultish.  Hey some of my best friends like leafleting in airports, but this is about Marcia and my Britney cake not my Hari Krishna BFFs.

Anyway, I just happened to have some left over blue icing in the frig which was perfect for B-MXL's ( in case you are unhip to abreves B-MXL =Britney-Madonnas's Ex Lover)- bodice. While Marcia constructed a hat from a water bottle top and recycled foil, I mixed up some toxic red and manicured Britney's nails. We then added a swirl of feathers to B's showgirl hat and she was ready for Vegas!

Wait a minute. What about Britney's legs and all that leftover Toxic red?

How about a homage to a cause close to all our hearts?

Barbies Against Drunk Driving

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