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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

MoFo Case File # 5 Detective Briscoe and the Vegan Diner

Detectives Lenny Briscoe and Mike Logan investigate Missing Blogger, GiGi.
INT: Table at Vegan Diner

Detective Briscoe: Nice place if you like eating cardboard.
Detective Mike Logan: I hear the food is to die for.
Detective Briscoe: Or not die for. I thought, "VA- guns" didn't eat anything that was once alive.
Detective Mike Logan: That's  " V-gun" Veee and gun like your pistol. Remember your pistol Lenny?
Detective Briscoe: Yeah, but doubt any of my ex-wives do.

Detective Briscoe: Maybe the blogger disappeared because she wanted a pastrami sandwich, can't say I blame her.
Detective Mike Logan: Doubt it, the food can be really good, if you like beige.

Detective Briscoe: The blogger... Her old man was on the force when I was walking the beat. He was a commanding officer. Yeah, nice guy, funny honest officer, he found the Son of Sam through Parking tickets. Yeah I used to drink with her old man.
Detective Mike Logan: Does he know she's missing? 
Detective Briscoe: Only if she's with him.
Detective Mike Logan: Is he retired in Florida?
Detective Briscoe: He died in February.
GiGi's Dad

Waitress: What will you guys have?
Detective Mike Logan: I will have a decaf cappuccino with steamed soy.
Detective Briscoe: I will try the blintzes.They are usually tan.

Briscoe's Blintzes with Maple Creme
2 large tortillas
1 C chunky apple sauce divided
4 T peanut butter divided
spray oil

Spray pan with oil. Lay each tortilla flat spread PB down the center of each one vertically. Distribute apple sauce evenly on each tortilla. Fold blintz like. Heat pan, and brown side of tortilla and flip and brown the other side.

Maple Creme
1 silken tofu
1/4 C maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla
2 T tofutti cream cheez

Add ingredients to food processor and process 'til smooth. For best results chill for at least one hour.
Keep the blintzes hot on the trail.


  1. I miss Detective Briscoe (and GiGi) so much!

    1. Oh man don''t make me cry, Kylie. We all miss them.

  2. I think I saw her at Might-O Doughnuts in Seattle. She was murmuring something about Lieutenant Columbo and ketchup. I tried to talk to her but she took, off saying the neighborhood looked different. I'm worried she might have amnesia.

    1. It might be her, Andrea, was she spewing expletives about ketchup? Did she have a bump on her head? That is good that you tried to detain her.

  3. mmmmm....Blintzes! I haven't had them in years. What brand of tortillas were used?

    1. I believe TJ's blintzes were used, but big GF tortillas would work too.

  4. GiGis dad is a hottie. And yes I will try those blintzes too.

    1. Yes he was a hottie, and was never a coldie.
      New York is a good place to make these blintzes, FF.

  5. I'm sure this chapter ends with the detective taking a bite of those yummies and declaring that he's going vee-gun! Besides, only a vegan would be smart enough to crack the case of the missing GiGi.

    Never mind that I've been repeatedly saying she's here with me in Bangalore. No one seems to be paying attention to that!

  6. Those look amazing! There's just some about pb and apples - yum!

  7. yum! I think Baby can enjoy this too with a bit of modification. thank you for sharing (from wherever you are now! lol).