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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mofo Case #15 Scotland Yard Investigates

GiGi's case has confounded Scotland Yard.

Sherlock Holmes: We know that the blogger did not leave through the window. 
Dr. Watson: Yes, it seems that a careful investigation of the blogger's kitchen reveals that she almost never even left her kitchen.
Sherlock Holmes: Except to go to a fresh produce market.
Dr. Watson: Or Trader Joe's. We will have to follow her footprints.
Sherlock Holmes: Keep in mind Watson that this blogger's footprints will be quite different. Vegans do not wear leather and the tracks they leave are extraordinary.
Dr.Watson: And she loathes Crocs.
Sherlock Holmes: Elementary my dear Watson, elementary.
Dr. Watson: Some tea, sir?
Sherlock Holmes: Lapsang Souchang please, oh and some 7% solution, Doctor.

Sherlock's Black Tea (or Chai Spice) Breakfast Bar 
Highly Suggested Serving Suggestion: superb with vegan clotted creme,or raspberry jam

1.5 C dates
1 C apricots soaked in a cup of tea that has been steeped with three tea bags
1/2 C dried figs
5 T dark cocoa powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon 
1/2 tsp nutmeg

Soak apricots in strong tea for about a half hour. Drain. Place all ingredients in food processor and blend until smooth. Line an 8x8 pan with plastic wrap.Turn the mixture into the pan and pat down.
Refrigerate for several hours or overnight.

Anyone with any information about GiGi is urged to call 555-555 lost. Thank you.


  1. The breakfast bars are really dark — a fitting tribute to the dark storyline about the poor missing blogger. Did you say she may have been dispatched by a croc? How horrible.

  2. Yes a fitting bar for a dark storyline. These breakfast bars are so dark they could almost be called a nightshade, bahahaha.
    Horrible, horrible. I believe answers to the quiz have been revealed, Andrea.

  3. We're getting awfully close to the end of MoFo now. Do you think these sleuths will finally figure out Gigi's whereabouts???

    1. yes, Cadry slowly more will be revealed...

  4. these bars are so dark and i bet delicious with those fall spices.. just a day to go. i hope gigi is found.. safe and sound.

    1. Thank you, Richa! I hope GiGi is too, yep hope she is too.

  5. It is amazing that Sherlock and Holmes know about Trader Joes! :-) And I like their kind of breakfast. The bar looks like a brownie, but so much healthier!! MMMMM!

    1. Sherlock and Dr. Watson were way ahead of their time, Amanda, and thank you.

    2. Yes it is quite amazing, Amanda. In fact Sherlock and Watson were way ahead of their time. Thank you.

  6. Wow! That bar looks yummmm! At first, I thought it was made of chocolate. Haha But even without any cocoa powder, the other I Gregor Rs sounds like a fantastic combination. Mmmm

  7. Who the heck is I Gregor Rs?!!! Damn auto correct. That was supposed to be ingredients. Haha

  8. hahahaha. I thought Gregor R was an Indian sleuth. Bahaha. stupid autocorrect.

  9. whoa! those bars! dark with glory! They look amazing! Sherlock and Dr. Watson will have to keep looking... though it sounds like they are getting closer!

  10. whoa! those bars! dark with glory! They look amazing! Sherlock and Dr. Watson will have to keep looking... though it sounds like they are getting closer!