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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

MoFo 15 Training Tuesday Pizza?

Welcome to Mofo's Training Tuesdays, the blog where I cop to how I exercised and attempt to bring some accountability to this forum.

This past week I added a 4 mile run to the week before a paltry and embarrassing 4 mile run. I tagged on 3 miles of walking each time, but big deal. I did strength training, a load of sit ups and some aerobic activity. I am really not beating myself up here, I'm all for applauding life's little victories. Cutting myself some slack. It's when the slack becomes slackerish and the big things that get in the way of discipline get smaller and smaller, til any justification will do and workout diaries morph into this...

Monday walked around Costco and bought a super size bag of dehydrated apples.
Tuesday didn't do shit and ordered Zachary's deep dish pizza with extra Daiya. Watched the debates.
Wednesday watched all the analysts talk about the debates while finishing off gaseous dehydrated apples and cold pizza.
Thursday tummy hurt, drank ginger tea and worked up a sweat while lying in bed with two
heating pads.



I listened to the political analysts tonight and since this is a food blog, I'd like to convey to you what they said in respect to food. One analyst said that prior to Obama's first term he had promised to have root beer in all the nation's drinking fountains. Another analyst in respect to Obama's performance said, that today Obama must have eaten his Wheaties and milk, had his coffee and drank his honey boo boo juice.

If that analyst is right about Obama's breakfast of champions Obama clearly is not xgfx, vegan or even lactose intolerant. I can understand the President's coffee choices and even root beer decision. I can only guess as to what honey boo boo juice is.

My fact checkers just informed me that it is not called honey boo boo juice, but honey go go juice. Honey go go boo boo drinky-poo is a blend of Mountain Dew and Red Bull. I'll stop there.

Today's reluctant tip: We are all accountable. No matter how hard it gets, stick to healthy electrolytes, green filled smoothies, and water. Say No to Honey Boo Boo.

P.S. I will do better even though I didn't do that bad.  :)


  1. It is good to keep yourself accountable and every little bit of exercise counts but it's good to let yourself have a day off every now and then :)

  2. I had no clue Obama made those promises. I don't like root beer, so I am glad that one never made it. Sorry that your stomach hurt on Thursday!

    1. I heard an analyst say that last night. I kept my ears open for food references. Oh my tummy was good, I was just projecting.Thank you VeggieAmanda!

  3. I'm doing my best to avoid anything related to Honey Boo Boo! Since we don't have cable, that's a pretty easy task! And my go-go juice is generally green but cucumber-based.

    Don't be too hard on yourself because you feel you had an off week. When it comes to fitness, it's what we do regularly, not occasionally, that matters! :)

    1. Me too, Cadry I find the entire honey boo boo thing rather revolting.(I think I've seen one minute of one clip once) A political analyst really did say honey boo boo juice.

      Thank you, good point, Cadry!

  4. It takes a lot of calories to eat and digest a deep dish pizza. And remember, Costco is a really big store so no need to apologize.

    But I'm confused about the root beer. I hate root beer and would be very upset to find it in drinking fountains. Did you fact-check this information?

  5. Yes, to Cosco beinga big ass store in more ways than one. That food court is always filled to the gills with unhealthy looking people. we parked away so we could walk even more.

    hahaha. The analyst spouted the root beer fact.

  6. I would not want to be around a caffeined up child! Scary!

    After the jury duty yesterday - I went to the gym to burn off steam!

    1. No kidding hahaha! Especially that poor child.

      Yo go Kendy. Are you done with Jury Duty?