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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Training Tuesday Clean Eating and Dental Floss

Today is day one of Training Tuesdays. I told you all about it last week. I get that a lot of people are afraid of commitment. Rather than participate, even two of my friends have skipped town. Skipping is probably the only exercise one of them will do.

Last week I even gave you a really nice peanut butter popcorn recipe to celebrate your new training goal. My friend, Andrea from Andrea's Easy Vegan Cooking Blog is the only reader who made a commitment. She committed to use her Whirly Pop more.

Remember I gave you a list of my assets/accomplishments along with a list of possible training obstacles? Remember when I included on my asset list that I haven't done any mind altering drugs in about 30 years. Well that is not particularly true. Sure I feel really good from all the endorphins I receive from working out and sure I feel really great on a plant strong diet. I forgot to mention that I take SSRIs. I used to need my SSRI and my SSDI, but since I take my SSRI regularly I don't need my SSDI. This almost makes me happy. Truth be told an SSRI is really more biochemical and would not be in the same category as mind altering hallucinogens from days of yore.

My friend John from Detour Cafe in Berkeley surprised me with this humdinger of a green drink. Thank you John. Green drinks are perfect before or after a work out, and I am quite fond of them, since they remind me of radium. They are also packed with nutrients.

John mixed a handful of spinach, a handful of kale, some apple juice and peach juice, blueberries, and banana. It was delicious and powerful.

Aerial View...

Strap me in this green stuff is potent!

Back to training. After some set backs with swollen knees in August, I am back to running 5 miles and tagging on a 3 mile walk. I did this run/walk three times last week, along with a 4 mile run and 3 mile walk. I did core ball exercises and light free weights on days where kitchen hours were too long, and my tootsies refused to cooperate. 

I am still eating a lot of kale and this brings the inflammation down. 
If you are having a hard time getting a jump start on any exercise program, or just want to up the ante here is my training tip for today.
Before you shower or brush your teeth, choose three exercises to do. 
For example, choose 15-25 jumping jacks, 15-25 sit ups, and 15-25  leg lifts. Now do these before each shower, or tooth brushing session. Go ahead. Before you know it, you will see some results, unless of course you never shower or brush your teeth, in that case you will not see any results whatsoever. Although you might look a little gummy. 

Today's motto, 
Good hygiene is as important as clean eating.

Now get moving and flossing.



  1. OK. I'll add 20 jumping jacks to my 50 wall push-ups. And I'll take two showers.

  2. i can do 2 showers too;)
    i actually need to add some cardio into my routin, but that cannot happen just before the shower.. so i will play with chewie and do my cardio during the day :)

  3. I am very proud of your wall pushups, Andrea.
    I didn't comment on your most recent blog, but I did wnat to tell you that you look fantastic. Seriously.

  4. Richa, two showers are better than one! Can Chewie do the cardio with you?

  5. I admire Andrea's dedication to the Whirly Pop! Well done! :) I've been feeling like I need to renew my exercise efforts. I definitely go in waves of commitment. I like the idea of doing sit-ups before teeth brushing. It adds it to the routine, and like anything else, once a momentum has started, it's easier to build upon it. Next thing you know, I'll be doing bodybuilding competitions! ;)

  6. Yes, indeed Cadry. I agree with you on Andrea's dedication to said WP.

    I have just entered you in a competition.