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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Training Tuesdays is Coming and PB Popcorn is Here

Starting Tuesday, September 12th, 2012, Veganville will be doing it up just for you, yep you reader extraordinaire. Yesiree, Veganville has a new Tuesday feature. Before I launch into to that announcement, I've um got a question for ya. I just want to know why, I mean really, why are you sitting there vegging out, reading a food blog when you know you should be working out? How' bout some lunges while reading? Wait...on second thought before you start plieing or planking, my lawyer tells me that I need to write a disclaimer or something. Okay.

We here at Veganville are not doctors of anything, and take no responsibility for gout, kidney stones, or sloth. Please see your doctor before starting any regimen, or joining a regime.

So starting next Tuesday we will be launching Training Tuesdays. Oh we'll still be an irreverent vegan food blog alright, but let's say you want to go raw, get off sugar, run a 10k, drop a few pounds, commit to a new exercise program or even just eat meatless two nights a week, Training Tuesdays will be the place to commit and follow up. We'll share exercises and healthy foods, coaching affirmations, and guest bloggers. You can check in with your progress or gripes in the comment section every Tuesday. We're with you. So say sianara to the naysayers, and hello to the yaysayers. After all, we could all  use a little support.

So why here, why now, and who gave you the right, GiGi? 

Back in June, my friend Noreen climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. Although I was thrilled for her feat, not so much her feet, I was a little ticked off at myself. After I read about Noreen's climb I took off on my leisurely 6 mile walk. My inner dialogue went something like this, "lalala, it's so nice out, then you are a deadbeat, why can't you climb mountains GiGi? or cross Alaska on a dog sled, GiGi? You are a has been athlete, GiGi! Boy it's nice out. Lalala" .When I got to the track portion of my walk I noticed all these old people running, and running and running. When I say old I mean old, because I am old.

So you know what I did? By God I ran with the other old people. I ran and I ran and I ran, um a half mile. On the walk home my inner dialogue changed, and I was filled with questions.Why aren't I doing more strenuous exercise, why did I stop running? I realized  I was afraid of further injury and I had let old injuries define me. Then, miraculously instead of calling myself an ex-athlete, I affirmed that I was still in pretty good shape, and have always done some form of exercise, I affirmed that I knew how to train, and racked up more things I had going for me.

My asset list:
1. Strict Vegan (9 years). Veg before that for several decades
2. Know how to train, and rest
3. In decent shape
4. Ex-competitive athlete (three sports) and pro (one sport)
5. Ex-athletic coach 12 years
6. I eat clean- no processed sugar- in a year, I consume mostly whole grains or gluten free flour
vegetables and fruits.
7. System detoxed. Have had no mind altering substances or fire water for close to 30 years

Then I listedPossible Obstacles:
1. Two herniated discs L-4 L-5
2. Two bum knees
3. Many ten hour days in the kitchen
4. Sore feet
5. Exhaustion
6. Lots of old injuries- including lost total use of both arms and and had PT for two years and operation.

Listing the obstacles, gave me awareness, alleviated fear, and helped me to stay in solution.

The thing is, I garnered esteem from completing a half mile. I knew I would continue running and make goals for myself, because if nothing else, I am not a quitter. By the end of June I was running 2.5 miles and tagging on 3 mile walk, in July 4 miles + 3 mile walk and by mid August 5.5 miles with an additional 3 mile walk tagged on.

I was careful and could not run everyday. Some days I had to ice my knees and use Castor oil packs. (Will explain next Tuesday). Other days I had to ice my back and eat lots of anti- inflammatory kale. In late August both my knees swelled up. I refused to get discouraged, and concentrated on meditative healing. I cut down on my mileage and am now back up to a 4 mile run with 3 mile walk. I have added more stretching and core ball exercises. I don't self flagellate if I miss a few days. Missed days are rarely if ever due to sloth, beating myself up is not healthy.

Let's all celebrate Training Tuesdays with PB Popcorn.

1 C unpopped popcorn or 16 cups popped popcorn (we use a whirly popper)
1 C agave
2 Packets Stevia
1 C natural peanut butter
1 tsp vanilla

Pop corn and remove any unpopped kernels. Place in a large paper bag. Meanwhile in a heavy saucepan, combine agave and Stevia. Stir in peanut butter and vanilla. Bring mixture to boiling, continue boiling for 1-2 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from heat. Cool for a minute. Add peanut mixture to popcorn bag and shake until coated. Pour into bowl.

So who's in? Let's support each other with positive change.

Let me know what's on your asset list. What do you want to achieve?
I am so excited to hear about your goals.
Today's motto:

Congratulate don't flagellate.



  1. Great post, GiGi. You are an inspiration, and I say that sincerely — no snark. We use a whirly pop, too, but that's all I can commit to right now.

  2. Awww, Andrea thank you so much for your kind words. Really. Backatcha minus snark as well!

    Crazyboy in response to your commitment to use your whirly pop... "that's a start!"

  3. What a great idea Gigi and perfect timing! So yeah I thought I was in relatively good shape, ie workout everyday, eat well yadda yadda yadda that is until I decided to go back to my old gym for more structured classes (I got real with myself, I dont puch myself like I let others push me around) and yeah I got my butt handed to me on Monday- but in a good way, I am a total glutton for punishment so I'll be going back tomorrow for another round!

  4. You go Pancakes! You are one disciplined cookie. Let me know how you feel after day two!

  5. I love the popcorn idea for my husband and kids. We shall try it out!

    I'm in on Tuesdays! I have to lose 20-30 more pounds of "baby weight."

    My assets: I am a fairly healthy vegan. I'm not "too" out of shape. I have an eliptical in my bedroom - how convenient! I REALLY, REALLY want to lose weight. I don't drink alcohol - orange juice is pretty much the only calorie drink I consume on a regular basis. I also think I'm going to start posting my meals in a day on my blog because that is a good way to embarrass myself into eating better.

  6. Hi Jenny! So nice to see you. Those are wonderful assets. How is the baby?
    Journaling your food consumption is a great idea.
    How 'bout doing the elliptical today? I mean what better time to start? You can so do this!

  7. Very inspiring, Gigi! You're right that it's important that we keep challenging ourselves. You know what wouldn't be a challenge? Polishing off that bowl of PB popcorn! I could totally go for that! :)

  8. Awww, thanx Cadry! OH, man this popcorn is really good.