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Friday, July 6, 2012

A Public Apology from Crazyboy

This is a public apology from Crazyboy. This apology is for the last video that basically sucked and was too dark.
Gee we hope the winner will step forward anyway.
Okay here's your platform, baby. And thank you for being so courageous about this.

Dearest Viewer, Reader-
I take full responsibility for the crap that I shot. I did not mean to screw up my wife's contest and blog.

A recap...the new name for the molasses voopee is "Move Your Molasses"

And winner of the box of voopees after the psychic generator spit (again sorry for the spit) out her name is:

from the beautiful blog

Thank you again for all the awesome entries.


  1. It takes a brave person to admit that his video was dark. Good job, Crazy Boy! We support you!

  2. love the name of the voopeeee! and congrats to the winner!

  3. yay!! congratulations! and the new name is great!

  4. I agree Cadry and what a brave soul he is.
    Thank you Richa!
    Thank you Mothra Sue. (OMG I owe you an e-m)

  5. Did he get a penalty or a fine of some sort for his bad work?

  6. Glen, could you think of a punishment to suit the crime?

  7. The real question here is, did he learn from his mistake? When will we have a chance to view the video of redemption?

  8. Well, Andrea being the person that he is and the person born under the most stubborn sign in the zodiac, my answer to you would be, "No I don't think so!"
    The redemption video will be in the forseeable future.

  9. I have nominated you for One Lovely blog award! pick it up on my blog:) Have a fantastic week Gig!

  10. Thank you Richa!!! That is really sweet of you!!

  11. Please tell Crazyboy that all is forgiven if he can convince his wife to start posting again... :)

  12. Thank you Cadry. I will tell him to tell me. I am very glad you stopped by.

  13. It worked! Tell him thank you for telling you! :)