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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Winner Not Announced Yet

And now another ridiculously important announcement from the nudnick who runs this blog.

*cough cough spit spit*


Hello... Bet you thought that was all I was going to say... Hello.
Before we get to the announcement I'll let you in on a little secret. My shirt is on backwards in the above picture. Either that or Linda Blair has hijacked this site. And I am wearing a bicycle chain I borrowed from someone's bicycle. Apparently some people in the criminal justice system think I use the term borrow to loosely.

Guess what if you haven't played "Name That Voopee", the contest has been extended until June 30th, and so if you haven't named That Voopee yet you still have time, unless of course you are doing time, and I can't promise you voopees. 
Contest will end at 10:27 PM right on the nose.
photo by Crazyboy, it's just so perfect that he found a dog with the exact time on his nose
Winner will be announced on Independence Day which is on July 4th this year.
But hey we'll see ya before then.
Thanx for swinging by.


  1. Wow where did your crazy boy find the 10:27 doggie, Gi? And how did he know the doggie meant PM? Did he have that on his other end? :oP

  2. That's really weird. I saw a dog with the exact same time on its nose yesterday. Must have been a premonition or something.

  3. Susmitha...that's a smart idea I guess you can tell if a dog is AM or PM by their backside.Not srue if Larry checked.

    really, Andrea?!That is just too weird. First the same childhood egg experience, then that nightmarish this.

    1. I really wish you would stop bringing up the contest. I have a genetic tendency towards guilt.