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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Free Time, Free Chocolate Shakes, Free Free Free!

I have been on a blog moratorium for a month. My comment box was down for a week and I couldn't comment on any of the comments. After that happened, I decided I wanted to, you know, shake things up a bit and take some time off. I've spent many hours writing and cooking and baking for my blog, not to mention reading and commenting on other blogger's posts. I wanted to see how I would utilize this new found time. A lot can happen in a month, 9 1/2 Weeks, 3 weeks or 22 Weeks. At least a lot can happen in those Lifetime movies and Drew Barrymore Flicks. Maybe Bill Murray is available to star in my life story. It's been a long winter.

Anyway, there are a couple of reasons I have plotted my return for Valentine's Day. Three of my fans have, okay of my fans has begged me to come back. Here's a tip. If part of your life plan includes playing 25 cut throat rounds of "Words with Friends" everyday (ahem ahem, Cari) you will be caught, especially if you are like me and lack the humility game gene. I promise not to woohoo over my 40 and 50 and 60 point words on FB ever again. Nobody applauds on FB anyway, they just post snide comments like, "how 'bout writing a blog instead of playing another FB word game, GiGi?" Yeah that was my one fan comment. I received that comment tonight so I felt pressured to come back and besides I was tired of losing to my friend Cari anyway. She scores a lot of 100 point words.

More importantly, I scheduled my mighty comeback for Valentines' Day so I could tell you a tale about chocolate. More precisely, yummy slave chocolate. You know that beautiful dark chocolate sea salted vegan heart your Bf just coughed up some dinero for? Sure it's thoughtful, romantic, scrumptious even. It's even got the big V stamp of approval on it's cushy box. Well you can just kiss that big V goodbye, sister. I would suggest that you hurry up and eat all that Valentine chocolate before you read on.

You see, the people over at the Conscious Eating Conference and IDA (In Defense of Animals) told me they would be so pleased to have Veganville sell their goodies at their event, but they needed to know what kind of chocolate I used. I use white chocolate from Pangea or Food Fight or Vegan Essentials. For chocolate chips I use WF 365 vegan chips. Sure bet, vegan, with a big V right? Wrong! Apparently even these chocolates are made by Lilliputians in a third world country. According to the conscious eating people if I use a chocolate that exploits anyone under three feet (four feet is okay) I contribute to the harm of a sentient being. My vegan card could be pulled.

Naturally, this got my shackles, up. Or is it hackles? I always get those two things confused. I believe I am a devout hardcore vegan. I have not exploited anyone in a couple of years. I'm the daughter of a poor share holder. I even read "The Help". None of that counts in the conscious eating folks book. This chocolate stuff is serious business. My questionable chocolate will have to take the day off from this event, while I explore slave free chocolate options. I'll bring my kinder gentle lemon molasses, carrot cake and punk-in voopees with me.

I'm sure this event will be eye opening. There will be experts in the field of sustainable agriculture, animal well being, farm workers and the environment who will answer questions and help people understand why we need a truly stable global and local food system where all have access to healthy food, where all are treated with compassion, and where all are well fed. To find out more about the Conscious Eating Event or to register click here .

Now let's all celebrate a Slave Free Valentine's Day with this special shake!

GiGi's  "Harriet Tubman" Almost Raw Chocolate Shake
Serves 3 People (one must be under 3 feet)

2 C cold almond milk

1 Ripe avocado (cut in chunks)

5 T slave free cocoa powder (sometimes you can find it next to the slave free xanthan gum)

3 Heaping T agave or as much as you like to sweeten

1/4 C vanilla rice milk ice cream

5 ice cubes

I am graced to have a special blender with a milkshake blade. Add all the ingredients to your blender and well yeah, go ahead and blend. This is very filling and delicious. Go ahead make it for dinner, and you'll free up the rest of your night wink, wink.

Happy Valentine's Day. It's nice to see you all again. Can't wait to catch up with all my friends and their blogs.



  1. How enlightening, really. It's almost as if anything we eat or consumer has some sort of ramification on someone somewhere else, huh? Eeek. I will be eating my toenails from now on...

    But that shake sounds safe, not to mention looks so good! Pass one over to me will ya? Once I finishing chewing my big toe nail, that is... {gross}

  2. Put those toe nails down right now. There is no nutritional value whatsoever in toenail clippings. Here is a little known fact, the playwright William Saroyan saved all his toenail clippings.

  3. I was about to place a gigantic chocolate order from Veganville, but now, ahem, cough, cough, that won't be possible.

    I didn't realize the chocolate you mentioned wasn't A-OK, but I'm heading over to the Conscious Eating site right now to see what, if anything, I can eat. It's awfully hard to keep on top of these things. I visited a chocolate factory in Ecuador (this is true) and learned a lot about fair chocolate production, but it's hard to be perfect. Maybe too hard.

  4. Are you writing from Equador, now Andrea? Are those beans you make from Equador?(see I've been stalking blogs just not commenting)
    Please place that humungous chocolate order from Veganville, we now ship to Equador.

  5. I wish I were in Ecuador. The weather has got to be better than Seattle.

  6. Thank you, Meg. Nice to see you!

  7. Welcome back to the blogosphere! You've been missed! And not just by Cari! Best of luck on getting Bill Murray to play you in his next big theatrical release. You know, he has quite a bit of range. I think he has the chops to do it.

  8. Thank you so much, Cadry.Nice to see you. My peeps are talking to Bill's peeps. It seems he would prefer the Harriet Tubman role.

    Hey I had Bubbies sauerkraut for dinner.
    Nacheez and Bubbies on a corn tortilla. Thought you might like to know.