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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ten Reasons to Shop Online and a Big Ass Sale

Psst. You over there. Yeah you with your nose up against the screen trying to read this blog. Go get your glasses because I got a tip and a coupon code for you. Ah you're back. Let's get down to business. It's small business Saturday. Did you know that? Yeah Veganville is a blog but we're a small business too.There are lots of small businesses around who could use a boost too. You can find a lot of cool vegan and veg sellers online too. I'll point you in their direction in a moment.

Top ten reasons to support these vegan online sellers and vegan small businesses:

1. It's cold out and you can stay in and leave on your faux furry slippers, (true you might wear them to go shop in some box store), but they look nicer on you in your living room. You are not Britney Spears.

2. Vegans don't use pepper spray, because it f*cks up the environment, although we might throw some Himalayan rock salt at you.

3. You don't have to drive anywhere. (Environmental reason)

4. You can cook dinner and shop at the same time.

5. You can shop hundreds of stores in the time you browse three crummy shops in the stupid strip mall.

6. True story. I have a friend who works at Best Buy and there were three arrests in one line, one arrest was for soliciting prostitution! (True that might make you want to go to Best Buy right now, but think of the Bail money)

7. No fisticuffs. Nobody will elbow you online, unless of course you share your laptop with a partner who needs to check his FB right now.

8. You can check your social networking sites while shopping.

9. You'll be buying quality and creativity and supporting a hard working self employed business, hence boosting the economy.

10. I ran out of things to say, so if you're still sold on going to Best Buy, remember you can always be solicited online while you shop.

Wow thanx for staying with me! Now the Big Ass Sale you all have been waiting for. There is a 30% off Sale going on at right now until midnight Cyber Monday. Coupon Code: Big 30

But if you just stuck it out with me and read all the way through and you leave me a comment, I'll offer you 40% off right until midnight tonight with the coupon code reader 40.

Look at all the vegan and veg goods here:

I will give you 40% off anything in my store
So check out these great teams on Etsy.

Now put up those tootsies and start shopping! See you tomorrow with a Thanksgiving recap.


  1. Okay, #6 made me laff my ass off. Thanx!!!

  2. Okay, you have me convinced! Especially as I hate shopping in the first place... and it means going into town on a day off (I live out in the country)...and I'd rather support a veg business anyway!

  3. Hey thanx for laffin with me Stacy, must catch up on your blog and my blog reading. Too much shopping I guess;)

  4. Nice to see you silentlotus.

    and Thank you.

    Yay, you don't have to leave your wing chair.
    Thanx for stopping by.

  5. This was great! Thank you darling GiGi! Love! xox

  6. Awww, inhergrace graced to have you at my blog today ;) Thank you xo

  7. Mmmmm...everything in your shop looks fabulous! Do you take orders for xmas delivery? (Or close to xmas anyway. It's not like you can control every move of the postal service. ;))

  8. Thanx so much Scrappy! Hah. Yes I do take orders for Christams. Last day I'm taking an order for Christmas is December 16th. Absolute last day to ship is Tuesday morning December 19th. Hope your adorable shop is off the charts this season!

  9. Great post GiGi! I admit, I drool a little on the keyboards every time I visit your shop :)

  10. Hahaha, Maggie. Nice to see you here. Now clean that up ;)
    Hope everything in your store is selling like hotcakes!

  11. PS Maggie. Thank you so much!

  12. Great post! Very funny!
    Think I'll pass on the Best Buy shopping but now I'll have something to talk about with the in-laws at xmas time!:)

  13. Haha, Heather. Thank you much!It's always a good conversation piece ;)

  14. Soliciting prostitution at Best Buy??? Now, why didn't *I* think of that??!!! hahahaha

  15. Those are great reasons, and pretty darn funny too!

  16. Cara-Haha. That's why they call it Best Buy, I think.

    Thank you Gilding Lilies.

  17. that is funny.. i guess with the kind of crowd, best buy sure is a good business place for lots of businesses:) and i love your shop!
    i need to shop.. i got too overwhelmed last week,.. so i just postponed it.. online browsing here i come!

  18. Well Richa that is a good assessment about Best Buy. Never thought of that.
    Thank you. Yes go shop. Are you less overwhelmed now. You've been over there blogging like a super blogger. You are an inspiration I need to get my proverbial arse in gear. (been swamped and zombie like)

  19. Where's my newest GiGi video????

  20. Caaaaaaaaraaaaa!!! Funny you should ask. Was just going to catch up on your blog as well as some other wonderful blogs. Regrouping after a couple of weeks of 12 hour days. Yesterday 1/2 day and today I can breathe. Thank you for asking, Miss uber kickass blogger.
    Today. Today I'm back in action. I'll keep you posted!!! xo