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Friday, November 18, 2011

A Tale of One Ice Cream

You probably know by now that GiGi and her vegan ice cream maker didn't have much fun together during the month of October. In fact GiGi and her vegan ice cream maker were always at odds!
Sometimes GiGi was eleven, sometimes the vegan ice cream maker was 17, sometimes GiGi was 15, sometimes the vegan ice cream maker was 31. GiGi and her vegan ice cream maker never met on even ground.
GiGi and her vegan ice cream maker even disagreed about the basics.
Back and forth. Back forth. They'd yell! Almond! Rice! Almond! Rice! Almond! GiGi would get so upset she would scream, "That's enough! You know what happened to Frosty the snowman don't you? That's right just a puddle and a carrot for a nose. Don't push my buttons, Frosty!" Yes GiGi and her vegan ice cream maker bickered and they even arm wrestled!
GiGi wins match 3002!

Come November neither GiGi nor her vegan ice cream maker felt good about their relationship. Vegans shouldn't act this way. So GiGi and her vegan ice cream maker decided to meditate for their higher good.

The vegan ice cream maker opened his eyes and peeked during meditation.
And then GiGi has a divine frozen dessert moment, where she is given the answers.

GiGi and her now vegan ice cream maker friend are ecstatic about GiGi's inspiration. They are now convinced that their vegan ice cream will take over the world, (but where has GiGi heard that before...take over the world?). GiGi and her vegan ice cream maker pal must make this new recipe right away, but first GiGi has to look up this cranberry recipe from Veganomicon  she has remembered in meditation. "I'll be with you in a minute, little buddy...hey bet we can make nutty buddies too bahaha :)"

GiGi opens Veganomicon to turn to the cranberry thingy and then she sees it. OMFG! Right there in front of GiGi is a recipe, but not just any recipe and not the cranberry thingy recipe either, but GiGi's divinely inspired frozen dessert recipe. It's right there in Isa and Hope's freaking book. Did Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero the two wunderkinds of the vegan cooking world think of this recipe first? or did GiGi? or more likely did Isa and Hope invade and take over GiGi's brain??? Just like they said they would?!!! Please watch below reenactment.

Well after I run around the block and exorcise the those two ^^^, I will claim this recipe as all mine...MINE! MINE! (I'm very sorry my lawyer just phoned and I have to say it's partly their recipe, damn them)

The Recipe
This works better if all your ingredients are cold.

About 8oz silken tofu drained
1/2 C creme of coconut  milk (Isa and Terry say)  Place can in frig over night and scoop 1/2 C off top
3/4 C almond milk
3/4 C agave
1 banana (peeled of course)
3/4 C Almond butter
1 tsp almond flavoring

Add to food processor or blender and blend well. Pour into ice cream maker and follow the manufacturer's directions.

O, woe is me; To have seen what I have seen, see what I see! - from Shakes and Vegan Hamlet 
I bid you g'night.

music and direction by
Sir Larry  AKA Psycho Boy


  1. I'm glad you and the ice cream maker are finally seeing eye to eye (or almond to almond as the case may be). Sadly, I probably won't get to try this recipe because every since I got my Vitamix I've become far too lazy to make ice cream in my ice cream maker. :D

  2. or how 'bout almond shaped eyes? Ooh I want a vita mix too though. Are you having fun with your Vitamix? What have you made?

  3. I have neither an ice cream maker of Vita Mix, but I must get at least a Vita Mix. I'd love to make ice cream!

    Love the post. :)

  4. I've heard great things about those vita mix machines. Thanx so much Molly!

  5. hehehe, this made me laugh:) sounds yummy!

  6. haha, thanx Sarah, perfect accompaniment to one of your candies. Thanx for reading and laughing with me.

  7. La La La .. You scream, I scream, We all scream maybe cause we luv pain,,,La La La

  8. Lalala back anonymous. Now you got me thinking just who this anonymous is. Is that you Mommy?

    or is it Isa?
    or Hope?

    ghost of Liberace maybe...
    Heidi you don't go by anonymous. Hmmmm.

  9. Hi, first time here.Ice cream looks absolutely mouthwatering and delicious :)

  10. Welcome, Chitra. Thank you for taking a moment to comment.

  11. I could go for some ice cream right now! That looks so good. I have an ice cream maker as well. It works a lot better now that it is broken.I turn it by hand now. The engine never worked that great for some reason.

  12. Thanks Lilah! Hahaha, that is so funny. Apparently these ice cream makers havea lot to "churn".

  13. HA! It's as if you were sitting underneath the zen tree and became enlightened! And I'm surprised you would take on an ice cream maker to an arm wrestling match. Those things play dirty, or so I hear...

  14. It's true, the zen tree is pretty powerful. He played dirty the first few matches, but then I told him the Frosty story and he thought better of it.

  15. HA..Love your post. Now, not only do I want ice cram, I want an ice cream maker. :o)

  16. Thanx so much Michelle. Just make sure you make friends with your ice cream maker first.

  17. You SHOW that ice cream maker who's boss

  18. Hahaha. I did didn't I? Right yeah, I'm in charge!! Thanx foodfeud!