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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Spare a Farm Animal Eat Soy Curls

Set design by Psycho Boy

Even if you don't have the dough to adopt a turkey this year, you can spare a chicken or a pig or a turkey and eat soy curls. I heard about soy curls during MoFo season and couldn't find them in any of my local haunts. And here I thought I lived in the mecca of vegan products. I can't even get Ricemellow- the vegan answer to Fluffernutter around here anymore. This is very disturbing to me, why would anybody with a couple of brain cells discontinue Ricemellow? I considered upping my meds, but instead chose the all natural option and ordered hard to get goodies from Food Fight.

Food Fight is so great! Look at these goods, but not so close, huh!

We scarfed down the Ricemellow in about two days. We ate lots of almond butter and Ricemellow on whole grain. We're still on E2 you know.

Since I'm a soy curl neophyte, I had to check out Butler soy curls' site for prep tips. The package directions say to soak them in water or veggie broth but there are no measurements provided. It turns out it's a one to one ratio. Butler soy curl also recommends using their soy curl "chicken" flavoring to enhance the curls. I like to enhance my curls but didn't know I needed the flavoring. I decided to move on and check out the Nacheez site for nifty recipes and hints. I met the very cool owners of Nacheez at a vegan event a while back and had the opportunity to try their awesome product then. When I surfed their site I found a recipe that utilized the soy curls and Nacheez. How lucky is that?! I didn't have the flavoring or the broth so I tweaked the recipe a little. Check out their recipe though! They use a microwave and a griddle. I used neither. No nuking here.

1 C Butler’s Soy Curls

1 C water
2 green peppers

1/2 onion
2 T salsa
1-2 T sea salt
1T 21 salute
2 Whole grain rolls

Preheat oven to temperature desired for your rolls.
Combine water with soy curls. Let stand for 10 minutes. Spray fry pan and saute peppers and onions for about for ten minutes. Pour off any excess water from the soy curls and add soy curls, salsa and seasonings to the pan. Cook for another 6 minutes. Heat rolls.

Pile the Soy Curls/pepper liberally onto heated rolls. Spoon NACHEEZ® over the top and serve.

Enjoy! Don't be a chicken, you can always foster a new attitude. Cluck, cluck and Peace to all creatures :)


  1. I keep reading about Soy Curls but haven't seen them around here yet. Maybe I'll just have to order from Food Fight, too! Love the sandwich you made. It kind of looks like a face. :)

  2. That looks so good!I might have to try the ricemellow cream as well.

  3. Molly-FoodFight is so great. And these soycurls are economical too.
    It does, it does. Haha. Didn't notice that but the sandwich is alive.

    Thank you Lilah. Ricemellow in my not so humble opinion is a must try!

  4. Between last night and today, I think I ate enough soy curls to spare an entire herd. I can go months without a soy curl in sight, then suddenly they take over my diet and I start thinking about buying them in bulk. As for Ricemellow, I've had an unopened container for about two years. Do you think it's still good?

  5. You are a soy curl animal savior, Andrea!!! What did you make last night? I'm not sure about the ricemellow. hahaha, send it to me and I'll let you know if it's still good.

  6. love the soy curls! just pour lots of boiling water on top, then drain and squeeze it out! no measuring required...


  7. We ordered soy curls several months back and we love them! Ours came with some recipes. I find that they are so versatile and delicious with the right seasoning. Yum!

  8. Of course, makes total sense, Kittee! I'm silly! Hugs!

  9. VeggieAmanda- cool recipes included! Totally needs the right seasoning. Now my crazyboy wants them every night.

  10. I've never tried soy curls, but I really want to...especially now! I've been seeing them pop up everywhere. :o) And that Nacheez looks right down my alley. Your sandwich looks very yummy!
    I need to go check out Food Fight and see about ordering some goodies...I've never ordered anything from them.

  11. The videos are back!!! A very Happy Thanksgiving to ME! :)

  12. Hi Michelle- Thanx for reading and following!The nacheez is made with cashew and quite good.
    Food Fight is a great store. let me know what you order.

    Bahahaha, Cara. I didn't think anybody watched it. Knew you would tune in. Hugs.

  13. Gigi, I am getting so hungry reading your recipes! There aren't any Soy Curls here either:( Or Nacheez! I really miss all of the vegan goodies I used to enjoy when I lived out West. Especially the vegan/gluten-free restaurants...Okay, I'm off to go make some lunch.

  14. Hey Thanx BBA ;) I know Food Fight will meet all your vegan cravings. Well not all, I would miss it here too> must be freezing there!

  15. Oh good, I've had a package of these soy curls in my cupboard for way too long. Somebody said "you gotta try them", so i bought them. Man, I'm too easily influenced! Then I lost steam and a apparently the must-try recipe too. So there they have sat. Thanks GiGi, maybe now their unopened package will stop mocking me.

  16. Hahaha, I hate to tell you this Gilding but the opened package continues mock me.

  17. Holy crap, that is one delicious looking sammich!!

  18. Thanx Stacy :) Thanx for following too.

  19. Thanks for posting a beautiful photo tutorial! looks delicious! Thank you also for speaking so highly of Nacheez! :) Peeps can read more about Nacheez on the web site I'm craving some of your Butterscotch cookies right now....droooool!

  20. Haha. Thank you Ilsa. Yes, everybody please check out the Nacheez site. I'm always in the mood for Nacheez!

  21. I'm still waiting for my butterscotch chips. Thank you for your kind words.