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Monday, September 5, 2011

The Slothful Vegan

Zzz... Oh sorry forgot I was blogging there for a minute. Didn't know you were here. Hi! Today is a minuscule blog. Today is Labor Day, a day to celebrate no labor and a wonderful excuse for me to be slothful. Happy Labor Day to the rest of you slugs. (I guess I should put the grin emoticon here so you know I am indeed kidding) Let's try it again. Happy Labor Day to the rest of you slugs ;) ;) wink wink. You freaking slug.

In the time it takes me to finish this blog you could make the fastest dinner ever, not including store bought hummus and store bought edamame rice crackers.

Ready go.

One Bowl Don't Even Cook the Beans Bowl Recipe (2 servings)

1 Packet TJ's Brown Rice (cooked according to box directions) with 2 T water added at end
1 15.5 oz. Can of no lard black beans or pinto bean of your choice (drained, rinsed with hot water)
TJ's Peach Salsa (about 6 T)
1/2 bag TJ's organic butter lettuce
3 T olive oil
2 T balsamic vinegar 
sea salt to taste
optional (dollop of Vegenaise or tofutti sour cream, shredded Follow Your Heart Jack, or Daiya, shot of Tabasco)
Avocado (optional) (although who wants to cut something up and pit something now)

Okay. Get your two bowls lined up. Split greens amongst them. Add vinegar and oil to each with sea salt to taste, (or if you prefer whisk dressing in another bowl). Just keep in mind we are being lazy here so if you use another bowl, it's just one more dish to wash later. Cook brown rice according to directions. I find the rice to stick a little to the pot.To prevent this unfortunate mess, add 1-2 T of water near the end of cooking. Layer rice, beans, salsa in each bowl. Top with whatever your little heart desires. See the "optional" listings.

This dinner is fast, it's cheap, it's easy. This dinner is a floozy!


  1. can you come over and make it for me. i'm too busy being a sloth. ;)

    or i can bust out my chili beans which i've already cooked :) thanks for the quicky recipe!

  2. Hahaha.Can I come over in my pj's...but only if you live next door...everything else is too far. Nice to see you. You are quite welcome. Perfect, beans already made!