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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Random Acts of Randomness Veganville Contest Winner Announced

An Important Announcement From The President, Mucky Muck, Grand Poobah of Veganville:
Satchmo Girl, the President and Diva of Veganville
After many many weeks of mommy paying people to partake in this contest, I would like to announce a winner...Sorry Oprah it's not you, even though you were the only contestant for a while there. Take it a way, Zuley.

Thank you all for playing, even though mommy had to grease your palms. Hey a big thank you goes out to vegancraftastic who reminded mommy to turn on the blogger comment feature. Sheesh, mommy!

A Big Meow goes out to The winner of the Random Acts of Randomness Contest ...
And the winner of the Veganville big box of treats and gorgeous bookmark is... Meow roll please!!!!
~~*****Glen Held****~~
of Wantagh New York
Our winner is currently in the middle of hurricane Irene. Um, Mommy does Veganville mail to evacuation centers?

We will just have to wait until the debris clears. Congratulations and stay safe everybody.

Stay safe to the animals too!

Satchmo Girl and Zule

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