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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm Stuffed....Peppers

There is a dizzying array of colors at my local produce market right now. You can walk out of  Berkeley's Monterey Market with two canvas bags filled to the brim with juicy seasonal goodness for under eighteen bucks, maybe twenty. I usually get very excited about a trip to the market but I must be prepared to wear my game face. I must be psyched and in tip top shape. Monterey Market is the Lohmann's of produce. While New York Jews might elbow each other and stampede a Lohmann's for a marked down Balenciaga or Kate Spade bag, Berkeley tie dyed grey haired hippies will squash your Tevas for the purplest plum. And no I don't wear Tevas. My 92 year old dad, Pete does. NO tie dye though. Pete usually dons Brooklyn Dodger Tee and NYPD sweat pants. Don't think I haven't thought about using Dad and his wheelchair as a weapon in the Roman Coliseum of fruits. Yep Pete is sure deadly in his wheel chair but  you know what else...he's  an ex-mucky muck on the NYPD. So watch out  and get outta our way Mr. Jerry Garcia look alike.You over there, drop the honeydew. Pete still remembers the Miranda rights too, or at least something cop like. How 'bout..."drop the radicchio, and nobody gets hurt". Ooh you go Daddy!
Last trip, Pete wasn't with me. I did manage to get away with some yellow peppers, blueberries and strawberries, but it wasn't easy. A pigtailed grandma in lederhosen got a little too close to my peppers and I had to bop her on the suspenders with my recycled Lohmann's bag.

Moral of the story: Violence doesn't pay. I got home and didn't know what the hell to do with the yellow peppers.

I decided to veganize and tweak a vegetarian recipe I googled. Eh. It wouldn't be worth it to give you the recipe but I'd be happy to give you some tweak pointers and an elocution lesson. Say "Pete's Peppers Pointers" three times fast. Now out of our way.

Pete's Peppers Pointers

1. Yellow peppers make perfect containers-boats if you will. Cut vertically. Leave the top and bottom but remove pepper membrane.
2. I think the pepper boats taste better roasted or charred before filled.
3. I used a combo of quinoa, roasted peppers, red onion, scallion, raisins, and pine nuts, and cumin- (none of these were in the recipe prior to the tweak). Any grain will do. I added olive oil and a touch of balsamic. The base works. I think cilantro would have brought it up a notch.
4. Needs lots of flavor and seasoning.
5. For leftovers we drizzled olive oil and sprinkled Daiya over the top. It works.
6. I think Black Forbidden rice inside the yellow peppers would give it a Gothic twist for a special occasion.

Do you have a favorite way to cook yellow peppers? I'm stuffed.

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