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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yay For Veganville

It's been a week without a bloggie and a week without a bloggie makes one weak. Bahaha. Wait don't go yet. I need to reach a 100 followers very soon. We've been very busy here in Veganville. We've gotten two new awesome local accounts and are burgeoning here in the Bay Area. We are so excited about this. Money is always good but making quality scrumptious vegan food readily available for the masses is even better. Better for the animals, better for the earth, and better for the body. I'll give you specifics and locations real soon.
I'll be trying out two new muffins in the test kitch this week too, but alas have no new pics to share so I think I will shhhh mum's the word, surreptitiously swipe a very pretty picture from another blog. 

Ooooh look what I found- a picture of a Veganville Sampler here at this great blog. The picture is so good because it's taken by Imelda A.K.A. Sunset Shutterbug. You can find her awesome photos on Etsy. Of course I'm partial to her cupcake with sprinkles pic. Hey Thanx for the shout out Shutterbug! I needed a picture.


  1. This page is making me very hungry♥

  2. Thanx, Divine. Wish I had some virtual food for ya.

    Hey Thanx, K I mean Vegancraftastic!

  3. Thanks Lady! I haven't been able to get in touch with my friend so her goodies are in the freezer. I ate her cookies because, well you can't just let them sit there uneaten!! Shhhhh! Can't wait to see what new goodies you create!

  4. Oh and congrats about getting 2 new hook ups! That's awesome. You should let us know later on where folks can pick up your goodies in those "emergency" situations. Me thinks SF needs some of your goods.

  5. You are so welcome. Well deserved. I'll def keep you posted and will blog about the new goods. SF is coming soon. Thank you so much!

  6. What happened to my comments and thank yous! Think there is a glitch. There were three more comments last time I checked.
    Thank you, Divine.
    Thanx, k I mean vegancraftastic.
    Where'd Shutterbug go?