Make No Bones About It We're Vegan

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Kick Ass Chocolate Lover's Sample Box and Vegan Bake Sale

Greetings and Salutations from an undisclosed oven. Please don't confuse me with Sylvia Plath. Sorry, I'm getting a little punch drunk here. New goodies aboard. And in addition to our other nifty locations you can now find Veganville Muffins at Philz Coffee on Shattuck in Berkeley, and at Thyda's Thornhill Coffee House at 5772 Thornhill Drive in Oakland. Come check out our muffins and voopees. Yippekayay.

I had a special request from my buddy Hope (of the cool Blackbird and Peacock) for a "Chocolate Lover's Box" over at Etsy this week. Now why didn't I think of that before? We have a "PB Lover's Box" and a "Mint Lover's Box" and a "Sample Box" and a "Chocolate Voopee Assortment Box", but where was my head on that one? Yeah I know- probably in the oven. Sorry Sylvia. It includes Double Choc Choco Voppees, hunks of devil rich Sam Sam Loaf, Jumbo Chocolate Cupcakes and some Chocolate Mousse to boot. Or if you prefer some groovy Chocolate "Creme" Cheese frosting.

Did a vegan bakesale to raise funds for Animal Place this past weekend. Animal Place rescues abandoned and abused farm animals and does dynamic work.

The mastermind behind the sale is my pal, activist and jewelry and bath/body designer and (part-time bakesale baker) Roni Seabury from Daisywares. There were so many spectacular bakers. A big shout out to Yvonne Emanuel, Tiana Trutna, Dana Portnoy, Me, Raelene Coburn, Kelly Beth, Vanessa Morelan and Laura Etter for donating vegan baked goods to the Animal Place Bake Sale. And of course Roni for making those Mexican Wedding cookies that sold like vegan hotcakes!

People were generous and a big thanx goes out to Nature's Express for letting us use the space in front of their store. Mary Rose rocks. I got to sample their Salt Caramel frozen dessert. Freeze head prevailed but it's oh so good and worth every moment of my icy cerebrum! Everything sold out, well almost everything (there were a couple of lonesome carob muffins left). $602.00 was raised it would have been $604.00 but ahem ahem someone swiped a Chocolate Oatmeal Banana cookie and it ruled! I mean I heard it was quite good.


  1. I know they are so fun, VC!

  2. It's always so much fun with GiGi. My Mexican Wedding Cookies were so good I had to make more so me and my husband could eat them!