Make No Bones About It We're Vegan

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Twas a Vegan Night Recipe

Twas a cold and rainy night. The floorboards creaked and lightening bounced off the antiquated telephone lines. Two flea bitten soggy ferals clawed to get into to their human companion's condemned apt.

Our human companions always have treats, they said.

The tired old baker pulled her Eco-friendly afghan over her head and pushed herself up off her rickety up cycled rocking chair. The unbotoxed old baker sighed and let the tiny tuxedo and the alpha grey male in.
Aaaaarh I should have stayed on my arse...

If I had half my wits about me today,  I would have just left you two out in the cold to fend for  your grizzly selves.
But you know how to play this old vegan, don't'cha?
Well here's the last of yer treats.
Barely eatin ourselves ,we are.
A sixpence and your pops is fixing me some comfort food before we lose all the 'lectricity. Comfort food is different for a baker. Nope no sweets tonight, sweets.
Pops is fixin up a helpin of...

Take down ur favorite skillet down from the cubbard. You know the one, the one you thwacked over the miserable Mr. McGrumpy slumlord's head. Spray with some good ol TJ's cooking spray. You don't want it sticking now.

Here is the rest of Pop's recipe. He's a good man that Pops. Cooking for us two and all.

1 bag frozen ye old Trader Joe's soycotash thawed
1/2  a good sized onion chopped (don't worry about crying)
2 tofurkey Italian sausages sliced and cut in quarters
1 cup of broccoli
1 clove garlic- smashed (think of Mr. McGrumpy) and chopped

Go on now. Sizzle that onion and garlic. Now add broccoli it's got good vitamins. Now add ur protein and the soycotash (that's protein too ) Stir it all up. Get it nice and hot and add a dash of sesame oil, or soy sauce and some sea salt. It'll comfort you up, I promise.

Yep, he's a good man, that Pops. Who makes your comfort food? What food makes you all warm inside?


  1. Always love your writing!
    My comfort food comes from my personal resident chef, Kelly, who feeds us, ye 'ol Serena cat and me, very well.
    Though not strictly vegan (don't hit me with a gluten free brick), our veggies are fresh and food amazing. Gotta love Sylvester!

  2. Hey thanx, Cor. You are blessed. Sylvester is the cat's meow.