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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Activist and the Cupcake

I know. I know I've been missing in action here. Do you even know I haven't been here? It's been a whole week. Lately when I'm not working, I'm sleeping or trying to wrap my head around global catastrophe. I pray a lot. For Japan of course. Other countries. Sarah Palin's soul. I want to do something. I know I will. Throwing a few bucks at the tsunami relief fund seems trite. I started to set up a product with donation proceeds on my Etsy page and I took it down.  I didn't want to jump right into this now and then forget about this disaster up the road when this will take years maybe decades to rebuild a country and people's lives.
I was at a party about a month ago. I had catered the dessert and knew very few people there. I was also an inconspicuous guest. I was wiped and took up space on the couch. This woman sat next to me. She fondled a cupcake, and held it up to her friend across the room and Soto vocce "these are the best cupcakes I've ever had." Her friend pointed to me and said, there's the baker. The woman introduced herself to me and covered her heart with her hands and praised my almighty cupcakes. The woman and I chatted and she told me she was an international peace activist. Like right up there with the Dalai Lama. Really. We discussed world events, or rather she did.
 I interjected very astute opinions like, "Oh what a bloodbath!" I think I said that several times.  "Oh what a blood bath!"And "Yep, it's a good thing that guy in the Middle East stepped down." or "it could have been another blood bath." Feel free to use the blood bath retort at your next party. It's a great icebreaker.
Believe it or not the international activist thought this was a very good point, and then she got up to get another cupcake.
As I gathered my trays to leave several Buddhist guests were gathered at the cupcake shrine. They placed there hand over their hearts and nodded their heads in reverence.
"You are doing a great service to mankind".
Humbled and grateful, I answered in my best Brooklyn accent.
"Go on... get outta here."

So I'm not sure what I can do about anything except show up, do the next right thing and more will be revealed. In the meantime, here's some comfort food pics. Wishing you all peace.

Ripplin Raspberry

Pretty in Punk

Peppy Paddy
You name 'em I'm tired.


  1. Beautiful cupcakes made by a beautiful soul. :)

    "show up, do the next right thing and more will be revealed" oh how I agree with that!

  2. Thank you so much SS-Vegansaurus. That means a lot to me. Backatcha and some hugs too. Thanks for reading.