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Monday, December 6, 2010

Who's Your Vegan Buddy?

Hey I totally forgot to tell you about the ultra cool writeup I received from the lovely Amandah over at her blog "And it's Vegan".

If you dig doggies, dessert and well... ME check it out. Amandah's got one smart little buddy there. He knows a great cookie when he sees one.

And speaking of canine cuties, Veganville is now putting together "The Buddy Bag". It's a cookie bag filled with two PB Voopees
It's not a cake it's not a cookie
It's got a creme filled middle
It's a Voopee.

One big voopee is labeled Human. One smaller voopee is labeled Buddy. Now you can share a snack with your buddy! We tried it out at Catahoula Cafe a dog friendly cafe. in Richmond California.

Abbey scopes out the Veganville Buddy Bag
photo taken by my buddy-Larry
Feeding vegan treats one dog at a time (right before a pedestrian kicks me)

Catahoula is actually breed of dog "the Leopard Dog of Louisiana".The  cafe owner Timber rescues Catahoulas and has two Catahoula companions, Mocha and Abbey. Timber and the guys roast their own coffee at Catahoula. Abbey the oldest of Timber's Catahoulas noble face grace the bag. Catahoula already loves our regular Voopees, I overheard a Chihuahua tell a Setter, " Tell the President of Veganville to throw it to the dogs". So I did, I did.


  1. Awesome idea - I love the idea of having a tea and biscuit break with a dog!

    (If you managed to get kicked by a careless pedestrian - assuming they didn't kick you on purpose - I can't imagine how often that poor tiny chihuahua in the photo has the same thing happen because s/he wasn't seen :( )

  2. Thanx, Hazel! They kicked me and the chihuahua, the chihuahua kicked back!

  3. "noble" was the perfect word to describe that dog(abbey)..... that killed me to not put an exclamation point after it.

    you know those giveaway rules were a joke right?..i was afraid somebody might think i was serious.i hope you dont/didnt

    i love this idea, treats for dogs and humans:) very posh.

  4. What?!!!No contest.Didn't you get my 53 comments and I even got 72 of my friends who don't even follow my blog to follow your blog, dirty duck!

    Thank you they are quite posh aren't they?