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Friday, December 3, 2010

Take That You you you Vegan Traitor

Word on the street has it that the now former "Voracious Vegan" just did a Zooey Deschanel and jumped vegan ship. Tasha,once considered one of the best vegan bloggers around has exed out the "Vegan" on her blog, claiming that a vegan diet made her sick. She is now called Voracious Veinershnitzel or the Vegan Benedict Arnold.

I'm sorry she took ill and all but check out her new food philosophy page.  And I quote and paraphrase too, "you'll find wholesome goodness in my crispy roast duck, artisan cheese and meat, (is she mad?), and eggs and even salt caramel ice cream. Wow there are some foods to make you feel better, Miss Veinershnitzel. Now that I got that off my chesty, let's move on shall we?

By the way that's not me in the pic below.  I got the pic off the Food Fight link. Cool tee, huh? You can purchase it at their store. Don't you dig that store?

I gotta go back and pick up a few items, like Dandee vegan marshmallows, not like the one Veinershnitzel is now eating which is made from horseys. And some vegan white chocolate chips, just the perfect dessert topping after a night of duck, duck, goose, huh Veinershnitzel? Or my favorite find at Food Fight. This button! 
 Stay vegan! See you soon. xoxo
And PS here are two great links to two great Vegan blogs with two more perspectives on this breaking story! First see what Andrea has to say:

and then check out Jessica's blog.


  1. Thanks for the comment! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy :) I'll toss your blog up on my blog list!

  2. Zooey Deschanel? How did I miss that one?

  3. You are quite welcome, Jessica. I know, Andrea... yep Zooey defected in June.

  4. love those buttons and tee:) this was a pretty crazy week, what a waste of a great blog name keep thinking, its seperaing the wheat from the chaff.GO WHEAT! lol thats us!oh our blogs look similar!ttylater

  5. it says in your bio that you dont use exclamation points. maybe we cant be friends.

  6. Thanx for swinging by Dirty duck! I'm gonna check out your blog!!!!!!! Exclaimed the wheat.