Make No Bones About It We're Vegan

Monday, November 22, 2010

MoFo 21 Chocolate Lover's Box

It's dark and dank out. Just a perfect night for a hot shower, and snooze after a long day in the kitchen. Woke up groggy with a growling tummy. When I padded into the kitchen Larry was adding veggie broth to left over tempeh and rice noodles. Marcia was grilling some ciabotta with Earth Balance. I preferred to spray some oil in a pan for a quick rice noodle sautee sans soup. We all seemed quite content with our carb comfort, but I think we were all secretly jonesing for one of the new Veganville Voopee pies.
My friend Simon the Pie Man took this pic

Check it out! I'm so freaking excited! There's Razzlin Raspberrry, Jivin' Java, PB, Minty Oreo, and a Sweet Shmear sandwiched inside each one. They're perfect with a tall glass of cold vanilla rice milk or a hot soy chai. Thanx for swinging by. See you tomorrow.


  1. drrool... your blog doesn't help my stick to my diet plan cos it makes me hungry!

  2. Comin right up Nicole. Thanx Tiffany!