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Sunday, November 14, 2010

MoFo 14 Yippeekay Dessert Day

Yippeekayay it's dessert day here at Veganville. Yep these are a couple of the new Voopee Pies you see. Truth be told before they hit the oven I didn't think I'd like them as much as the "Punk-in" or "What's up Doc" or "PB Lover" voopees. I mean what's the big deal about chocolate anyway? Ho hum. Zzzzzz. Well 17 minutes later these "little devils" wafted through the oven door and awakened me from my chocolate indifference. Those little devils cooled out on a rack, (no not my rack), and called to momma. While they were chillin' I whipped up a couple of different frostings.
And Let me tell you, the new voopees melt in your mouth with a basic vegan butter cream.
Vegan cream cheese frosting makes them decidedly decadent.
Lastly, (I'm sorry I don't have a picture here. I will later in the week with a recipe). I switched up the whole voopee with spreading the inside of a one cookie with raspberry jam and then frosting it with a raspberry, tofutti and earthbalance cream cheese filling. OMG another new Voopee. I think I'll name it "Truffle Off to Buffalo". Maybe. Who knew that cocoa could be so good? All this time, I've been in the dark about chocolate, (bad pun intended).

See ya tomorrow.


  1. *dies upon viewing these*........... I WANT...!

  2. These look awesome. Any chance you have a recipe for a GF version of these awesome treats?

  3. Omg- my mouth is watering! These sound just amazing! :P

  4. Alas no gluten free for this yet. Thank you everybody.