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Friday, November 12, 2010

MoFo 12 Veganville Voopee Pie Winner Announced!

That's right. The winnner of Veganville's first MoFo contest ever-ever is announced. We assigned each contestant a number and googled a high powered random generator. Through the powers that be we were led to "Psychic Science" a reliable paranormal  FREE random generator site. We typed in the numbers "Psychic Science" requested and the random generator picked a number/contest winner for us. We are thrilled to announce... drum roll please-
The Winner of Veganville's Voopee Pie Contest is Amandah!!!
Congratulations Amandah of "...And it's Vegan " a cool vegan blog where she makes things like  a mean pumpkin shake!
Please e-mail us with your contact information and your choice of carrot cake or pumpkin voopees.

Thank you all for participating and thanx for reading!
Hooray Amandah!


  1. Woo Hoo congrats, the pumpkin is really super awesomely good delicious!

  2. Ahhhhh Gigi, I don't know why but I cannot find your email address anywhere:(:( Mine is !! And you know I'm going with pumpkin, even though carrot cake sounds AMAZING also! So excited!!:)

  3. yay! Terrific! We'll exchange info, Amandah!
    thanx Roni!!!