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Friday, October 29, 2010

MoFo is Coming MoFo is Coming!

It's twue it's twue. MoFo is just about here. Bet you noticed that fancy pantsy banner above my blog too. What the fo is MoFo? No it's not Frank Zappa's MoFo, (R.I.P Frank)! And no it's not the U-2 tribute band- MoFo. Although I kind of wish they were here. I think they do dishes. Speaking of U-2  wouldn't you think with all his humanitarian efforts that Bono would be a natch for Veganism? No dice. Bono's incisors are permanently engraved in mounds of UK Filet Mignon.

Okay, granted Bono's food habits are gross but I'll cut him some slack since he is a good guy to have in the world, you know with his peace efforts and rain forest concerns or is that Sting? Shit!  I hope Sting is a Vegan. If he isn't Trudie and his best buddy Paul should just give him a good talking to. 
 I digress VeganMoFo is... (rim shot please).

VeganMoFo IV: Vegan Month of Food, with over 400 blogs participating!

Below is the press release I cut and pasted for you.
The 4th Annual Vegan Month of Food, (aka Vegan MoFo), is ready to take the blogosphere by storm! Starting November 1st, several hundred bloggers from all around the globe will pledge to post about Vegan food at least five days a week for the whole month of November. The most dedicated participants try to blog all 30 days. Food writers, bloggers and home cooks will write about what they eat and what they cook, all with the intention of showing off the wide and varied world of Vegan food.

VeganMoFo kicks off on November 1st and continues through the month of November. You can find the alphabetized list of all participating blogs online at VeganMoFo Headquarters International, ( There you will also find information about generating an RSS feed to help you keep track of all the food writing. VeganMoFo can also be followed on (@veganmofo).

First organized by Vegan chef and cookbook author Isa Chandra Moskowitz, (, VeganMoFo has been gathering more and more enthusiasts each year. Participants begin brainstorming themes for their month-of-daily-entries well in advance. In previous years, bloggers have written about everything from veganizing grandma’s recipes, to eating in foreign countries, to 31 days of Vegan Halloween-themed treats. Posts include beautiful photographs, tantalizing recipes and thoughtful musings.

Veganville, (that's me), is one of the bloggers participating this year. Yippekayay! I'll be doing a blog a day. Add yourself as a follower, throw me some comments and give us vegans some kick butt support.

VeganMoFo is a grassroots event that evolved from a community of vegans who love to cook, love to be Vegan, and are passionate about sharing their love of Vegan food with the rest of the world. Anyone interested in food should definitely go online and check it out. But be prepared for a growling stomach!

This is going to be  a blast! Thanx in advance for your support. I'll be having some contests too. Stay tuned!


  1. Woo Hoo, I can't wait to see your food blogs. I wonder what your first one will be...sitting on the edge of my seat (or is it the cat that is behind me making me do that)

  2. Yay! Glad to be a follower and read your MoFo posts! Happy Vegan day to you too! :-)

  3. Thanx Vegan Aide, backatcha. Backatcha Veggie Amanda. The cat made you do that Roni!

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