Make No Bones About It We're Vegan

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The heat is cranked and my Tuxedo cat Satchmo Girl has found a new bed for herself on a rug under a table. My chubster grey male cat, (Satchmo's BF Zuul), sleeps in a plate, more like a platter. Zuul is a huge guy, but I like how "Cat in a Plate" sounds more Seussical. Around Halloween time Zuul likes walking after midnight in a cemetery.

I find this refreshing.  All this warmth and dry heat cuddliness, just makes me dehydrated.

What I really want is a nutrient rich Vegan ice cream soda for dinner. I know just the guy to make it for me too. Laaaaareee. Hey remember when they used to call soda tenders, Jerks? Soda Jerk is not a derogatory term. In the 50's Soda Jerks were much like the Barristas of today except that their counter art  involved flavored syrup mixed with carbonated H2O, not coffee brewed with soy whipped cream and cinnamon. Everybody called them Jerks. Some were, some weren't. The ones who weren't stupid jerks were thus named after the jerky action of the soda fountain handle.

Jerk ^
When I was a kid growing up and a mere Vegetarian my parents used to buy this wretched Neapolitan ice milk from "Dairy Barn". Neapolitan is a a brick of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry sections. Vanilla was my first choice, then chocolate and I left strawberry untouched.
So when El husband came home with Strawberry Rice Dream Ice Cream by mistake one day neither one of us thought we'd like it. Well we didn't like it we loved it.

Yummy With

Larry added a scoop and a half of this to a cold glass of Crystal Geyser Blackberry Pomegranate Juice Squeeze and the result was a light purple ice cream soda. Quite possibly the best I've ever tasted. Hey, just be a Jerk and try it.


  1. Yummy for my tummy! Sounds great. Love the cats <3

  2. This sounds yummy and I don't even really like soda or ice cream. I think I could become a fan with this combo!

  3. Thanx Amanda. I don't do soda either but this was terrific.

  4. ooh! never would've thought to do that myself. i love rice dream and i love juice squeeze, though, so together they just can't be wrong.

  5. ooh i love rice dream. never tried juice squeeze though... gotta find it now. thanks!

  6. Let me know if you try it Janet.
    Thanx for adding yourself as a folllower Tiffany. Now go hunt juice squeeze down before you start another gorgeous painting!