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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award- Yay

I am honored and humbled to receive the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank You to my fellow blogger over at Weekly Vegan Menu. I'm not sure if I won something or I was nominated. To play it safe I am going to follow the rules.

1.Thank the Giver.
2.Pass the love on to other blogs that you love.
3.Write 7 things About yourself.

Thank You very much Weekly Vegan Menu! Please check out this stupendous blog! The food porn  will make you salivate. Weekly Vegan Menu is indeed versatile and posts recipes for vegan delights like Stroganoff, Jamaican Purses, and Reubens. She's such a smart cookie that she's been known to veganize a hard boiled egg. Fun and sweet too!

Versatile Awards and Blogs I dig-

Where's Mr Peabody?
The best blog for animal lovers like you and me. Blogger Mark Samu, an ace photographer features videos, gorgeous photos and stories about his menagerie Mr. Peabody, Jerry the goat, and Leroy. Heartwarming and sometimes hilarious. One read and you'll feel like Mr. Peabody,Jerry and Leroy are part of your family.

Vegan Cupcake Thursday
 Creator Roni Seabury a vegan jewelry maker and root beer balm maker(I love this stuff) says her cupcake blog is all about proving that vegan cupcakes can be great tasting and that no animals need to be hurt for your one minute of pleasure. Roni's blog is is sharp, funny and has kick ass, drool worthy pics of lots of frosting.

Exploits of a Vegan Wannabe 
Follow longtime vegetarians, Sherry  and her partner Sandy,  as they embark on a 30 day  transition to veganism. Beautifully written. Watch what happens when they make a new commitment to compassionate living one day at a time.

The Streets I Know
 Founder Melanie, says she puts the compassion in fashion. You can find cool vegan shoes, hip bags, belts, and sweet cuffs on the streets. Melanie will even put fashion sets together for you so you can see just how to where these nifty new accessories.

7 things about Memememememe ( I need more coffee)

1. It started in the seventies. Yep I’m kind of old, but I don’t really look it because I use good moisturizer and I don’t wear old lady clothes. Nooo, silly. I’m a vegan, that’s why. Anyway, the parental unit was eating chicken, and Dad said, “Hey Gi pass the leg”. For some reason I never gave much thought to a chicken having a leg, but that was it and my vegetarian/vegan journey began.
The years brought greater commitment and love for the world’s creatures. Giving up dairy was simple. I was a performer/vocalist and I didn’t like the phlegm. The thought of what little yolks could be made my tummy hurt so the transition to being a vegan was easy.
2. As an actress I was the queen of pratfalls.
3. I've made a living as (see  above) a tennis pro, comedy writer, emcee, hash slinger vegan baker, nutritional counselor and Elf.
4. I once helped a doctor surgically remove a mole. I also assisted the same doctor in stitching up a ripped tongue.
5. I've written, produced, and performed a one-woman show. My husband directed. One time there were more people in the audience than on stage.
6. I'm half Latvian, 1/2 Scottish and was born in Brooklyn.
7. I read all things including cookbooks. I'm still looking for the perfect vegan chopped liver recipe.

Thank You Again!!! And Congrats to the wonderful bloggers! Give them a read when you get a chance!


  1. Of course you won, GiGi! I don't know why they call it nominated, but you're not a loser, you're a winner!

  2. Soory for the double post - you, missy, have had a very varied life! Great to know these things!

    What moisturizer was that?

  3. Thank you Vegan Aide...varied life look who's talkin!

  4. moisturizer- oh from Roni-
    you can check out Roni's shop at
    I love her root beer lip balm