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Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Dimension, Pb and Chocolate Parfaits

Hey my little patooties. It's mercury retrograde bahahaha. Here are some helpful hints to get you through this celestial armpit. Go ahead and stick your noggin in a king size jar of natural peanut butter. Pump up your ipod so you can hear through the container or make some cheezy popcorn and watch some old Twilight Zone episodes.
Like this one.

They didn't have airport security in those days. Boy, oh boy Terrorism sure has changed.
I know... I know things break and get molassesy when the moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with Mars - lalala
Sorry- I'm back now - but count your blessings. I mean -
1.Did your Hubby mistake you for Frieda Kahlo this morning?...Not for your artistic acumen mind you, but because your mustache grew in over night.
2.Did your husband finally do the laundry and now your pants are the size you used to be?
3.Did your mommy want to name you April Grace until she saw the size of your schnoz and called you....Penelope the female version for Pinocchio instead?
4.Does your husband send out cover letters on Hello Kitty stationery?

If none of this applies to you then Mercury Retrograde or not, count your blessings. Because well, you are not me! Okay, I lied about the Penelope part, but that's what female Pinocchio's do. My mommy saw my nose and called me GG for Good God!
Okay that's a lie too. I just wanted to make you feel better.

Let's all have some comfort food. Get those monster spoons out, we'll devour some parfaits and then we'll munch some cheezy popcorn. Hey let's get out the flannel sleeping bags and have a sleepover too. Just like the old days...but this time we won't puke out GiGi's bedroom window.

Hey remember, Queen Elizabeth of Oakland and her winning recipe? You know, the one she sent in to the Koffe Klotch contest to be veganized. Her majesty's winning recipe is Pb pie. Since the gals from PPK and Vegan Vengeance already nailed a Pb pie recipe, I decided to do up a "Reesie Parfait" and veganize Queen Elizabeth's recipe that way.

Pb Pie Parfait
Makes 2- 3 parfaits, (frozen or refrigerated). 

For the cookie crumble layer
15 TJ vanilla Jojo's or all vanilla Jojo's

Pb Layer
1 12 oz firm silken tofu
1/2-3/4 C Pb
1 T agave
1/2-3/4 C confectioners sugar

Chocolate Layer
1 12 oz firm silken tofu
1C vegan chocolate chips
1 T maple syrup or agave

2 Jojo cookies cut in half

Line up your parfait glasses. Put all the cookies except the last 2 in a plastic bag. Bash with a rolling pin. That's it. Get that aggression out until you have turned those defenseless cookies into cookie crumbs. Set aside the crumbs and why not set aside those resentments  while you are at it. I bet you feel better already.

Pb Layer
Place 1 silken tofu in a food processor or blender. Blend until smooth. Add Pb, confectioners sugar, and agave to the tofu mix and blend another 2- 3 minutes. Stop the machine and scrape down the sides with a spatula. Mix completely. Spoon Pb mix into bowl and set aside.
Rinse blender or food processor (unless of course you happen to have  two food processors or blenders...well aren't you lucky!)

Chocolate Layer
Mix tofu in blender/food processor 'til smooth. In a double boiler melt the 1 C vegan chips, stirring constantly with a heat proof spatula or wooden spoon. If you've got a microwave a.k.a. nuke machine (the horror) you can melt the chocolate in it too. Just don't blame me if your cranium turns into uranium. Let the chocolate cool for a sec. Pour into tofu mix and blend with agave for about two minutes or until smooth.
This is fun. The layering part is coming up.
Layer the cookie crumbs, the Pb, then the chocolate, go ahead do it again until you can't take it anymore.
Place a half cookie vertically on top of your pretty parfait.
You can refrigerate for as little as an hour. You can refrigerate over night - but who wants to wait that long, really.
Or you can freeze them. Any way is great. It's really comfort dessert at it's best!
I know - I know was going to throw in a cheezy popcorn recipe too, but let's face it this was one long ass blog. Happy spooning!


  1. Hey! Lu bought me a Jiffy Pop just 2 days ago (not sure why she wasn't cleaning but it was a nice surprise).
    I do believe Jupiter truly aligned with Mars that day!

  2. That sure is an astrological coincidence and seems very nice of Lu. In reality Jiffy Pop is self contained and does not dirty any pots. Lu just wanted to take a break from cleaning especially during an auspicious star time.