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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Official Koffee Klotch Contest

We here at Veganville are remorseville. I'm not sure why my spell check is highlighting Veganville and remorseville. Meh! Anyway we here at Veganville believe in apologizing when we make a boo boo. Hind sight is a great teacher.The next time we are blogless for a week we will have a representative meet you at an undisclosed location with some tranquil drugs. We still are very sorry about the week we were away. But all that's just water under the homeless bridge.
Veganville is gearing up for their Koffee Klotch dessert/ hangout with your pals summer classes!

It's time for a contest!!! Yippeekayay! Send us your unveganized dessert recipe and we'll veganize our favorite. Win our dark chocolate brownies with a side of mousse. Contest ends Wednesday 9:00 Pacific time.

Official Contest Rules
1.Must be a follower of this Blog, or become a follower of this blog.
2.Must do something.
3.Must send me a dessert recipe. (enter as many as you want)
4.Must be nice to my mother.

Best of luck everybody!

GiGi Veganville President and Owner

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  1. Please Fb me your entry either at Veganville fan page or Fb personal page. Best of luck!