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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Message From GiGi, President of Veganville

GiGi, President of Veganville

Dear Peeps-
Last week Veganville posted our second contest ever. Contest rules were simple enough, we thought. Send us a dessert recipe you would like veganized, for your chance to win dark chocolate brownies and some mousse. Maybe you thought I said a chance to win a mouse.

 Maybe you thought the prize was a real moose, and  thought your backyard was way too small for a moose to prance around in.

Perhaps you were thinking moose as in taxidermy. I can understand that, since we here in Veganville believe in finding homes even for dead animals.
I twittered and Facebooked the hell of this big deal of contest.The contest ends tonight and still no entries, but I remain hopeful.
I like to stay positive, but I am no Pollyanna. Do you know the true E story of Pollyanna? Oh, Pollyanna was an idiot. Really. She penned a series of memoirs. In her very first book Pollyanna attends a church event. There is a grab bag and Pollyanna secretly wishes for a doll. She reaches into the grab bag and pulls out crutches instead. How stupid is that? I mean don't crutches feel a lot different than a dolly?
Pollyanna's ever hopeful father says,"Well Pollyanna be glad you don't need the crutches!"
Then Pollyanna is run over by a slow moving 1913 vehicle and she is paralyzed.
Her ever hopeful father then says," Well Pollyanna, just be glad it's not 1980 and you weren't hit by a corvette".
In her third book Pollyanna is mauled by a bear. She manages to hit the bear in the nose with one of her crutches (how lucky is that?) and is rescued by her ever hopeful father who says,"Just be glad you were in the wilderness and not left for dead in that crack house you visited last week, Pollyanna."

I think if somebody enters they might win. Good luck to all of you.

Yours Truly,
President of Veganville


  1. I saw the contest and was very intrigued I however do not eat dessert (unless you count Cheese Doodles as dessert). Now that I think about Cheese doodles might be VEGAN. I don't think there is anything that was ever alive in them.
    I've attached Lu's moms cheese cake recipe that I took from her frame under separate cover. That's the best I can do (and I love that mouse!).

  2. Cheez doodle are suspect, and alas not vegan.
    Thank you for your entry, Mark but I cannot find the cheese cake recipe. I love that mouse too. :)

  3. boy,this one is fantastically funny to me..had a lil' baby accident while reading it! ya know,the whoopie g kind..anywhohaaaa, i wish i had a dessert recipe...not really,let's be honest,I want for NOTHING recipe wise..You got it all with the cookin'/baking gene and I am,in fact, quite cool with that! In my 50th year(or is this my 51st yr?)m I have come to terms with my true self..I HATE to COOK etc,etc!so much for winning the contest! Damnit!!!

  4. dear Mark I really appreciate all the dead people recipes you are sending me.
    Heidi stop telling the iternet you are 50. We need younger readers. I'm glad you have accepted the non-cooking gene. Haha.