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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Not in My Soup!

Are you having dinner guests any time soon? Do you want to be the hostess with the mostest? Do you want to remain on good terms with your pals? If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions then here's the question you must always ask of your dinner companions. Is there anything you won't eat, can't stand or are allergic to? I mean sadist tendencies aside, you probably don't want your guest to upchuck, kick the bucket or morph into one gargantuan hive. Even if you do, think about the skyrocketing cost of home insurance.
I'm always amazed at how many good home cooks don't ask those questions. Most people assume that because I am a vegan that any food that comes under the vegan umbrella is safe to serve. This is not always the case. Although I am an adventurous vegan eater and adore everything from Afghani kabuli pulal to Vegan soul collard greens, Entrean food is not high on my list of favorites.True I love scooping and sopping up food with my bread, but to me, Entrean bread tastes like a dirty sponge.
Serve me cornmeal crusted brussel sprouts with lemon and garlic, cauliflower with dill and a vegan buttery sauce, string beans with pine nuts, and broccoli any which way but mushed, and I'm a happy gal. Hey, I don't care if your pea soup has the best mirepoix ever, I will pick out that cooked celery, even if it is dissolved. I gave cooked celery another whirl last week, and still gagged. The worst! Yucktooey! That cooked green stalk spooks me. Persimmons and rhubarb make me very upset and I have never met a gazpacho I got along with. I've already mentioned watermelon in a former post. I call it the spittoon of fruits.Tangerine juice is refreshing but unless my mommy peels a tangerine and removes the seeds for me I'll hide in your bathroom and won't come out.
I look forward to receiving invites to all your summer parties!

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  1. Oops I originally posted that rutabaga made me upset,which is not true. I love root veggies. I do not like rhubarb!