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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Last Hurrah, A Pepple's Donut and a muffin...and

Six days is way too long for me to be away from my bloggie. I know, I'm sorry.  First there was the scale debacle, my unstretchable stretch pants and that skinny ass nurse. And if that stuff  wasn't enough a couple of weeks ago while shopping in Berkeley's Monterey Market for my cooking class, who of all people do I run into...but Josh from Pepple's Donuts! 

We didn't see each other at first. We were both just so focused on pawing our way to the same perfect  bunch of cilantro. I guess you could say that Josh and I both have pretty strong personalities and neither one of us gives up without a fight, especially when it comes to good produce.Things could have gotten very bloody in the cilantro, radish, parsley aisle. One of us had to give. I must say that Josh was quite the gentleman, that is, once he realized  who I was. He released me from the headlock and even handed over the coveted ingredient for my famous salsa. 

The Salsa Mo made in GiGi's Cooking Class

If you're one in a trillion people who doesn't  know who Josh Levine is you've most likely never had a real vegan donut.Josh is the man behind Pepples Donuts. Best vegan donuts in town, really! I can say that unequivocally, one because I don't make donuts, and  two,I did get to keep that cilantro.

Pepple's Donuts>>>>>

Josh and I chatted a little about  recipes, new  products, and the new Pepple's  store opening in the Ferry Building in SF in May. They'll be carrying tee shirts, mugs, and donuts.This is very exciting news! Yay Pepples.

<<<< Josh's adorable son, Nathan at the scene of the crime.

As we waited at check out  I noticed that there was something a little different about Josh. But what?  Hmmm,  he's wearing  the same black hoodie, black horn rimmed glasses- check, same black levis, same torn vegan caramel stained tee shirt. Nothing new here.
Hmmm. Oh  f--- ! Josh  lost weight!
OMG Josh was... dare I say, svelte? Okay, not svelte. Josh... svelte? C'mon That's ridiulous, I thought to myself.
That's not the point. The point is that Josh the King of Donuts was losing weight, looking quite  healthy too, and me GiGi Queen of Cupcakes was gaining and pudgifying by the minute.
This sucks! I gotta get out of Monterey Market now!
You look great, Josh. Good seeing you,I yelled and waved as I waddled out the door past the dried papaya.
Wait GiGi, meet me at my truck. I have a new orange creamsicle donut and blueberry corn muffin .
Vegan Donut..Muffin...Donut... did you say cake? 

Larry and I sat in the Monterey Parking lot with our loot. We decided to split the creamsicle donut  first.
Larry and I coordinated our first bite. Our eyes glazed over, the windows fogged. Mmmm, Baby ( I hoarsely whispered)...I still have the muffins...We closed our eyes and felt each bluebery hit our respective tongues.
Larry, comatose  pulled out of the parking park. Neither one of us spoke.
Then well I did, of course.
It's over for me, I think.This is my last sugary calorie drenched hurrah....isn't it?
'Fraid so, Precious.
Well then, that was some freakin donut.
You can get your own orgasmic donuts at:

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