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Monday, March 8, 2010

A Twist of Lime With A Twist of Mind

How could we all be in the same place at the same time, speak the same language and remember things so differently?  A story that is an indelible precious moment for me might be a fleeting moment for you. That special story, you know the one, the one you always share about your life when you allow yourself to be vulnerable, the one you save for that heart to heart, your revelatory moment of clarity well that might just be a blip on my yesterday screen. But I was there I know it. That's Brain compost for you. We might be adding the same twigs, vegetable peels and shards, but that doesn't mean the story will bloom the same...We all have a certain amount of decay.

I will now gently remind you of a recent blog... It looked something like this. Look above...Yeah the one about pie, that blog.
Let's jog those synapses by featuring ecologically sound lime colored items to go with that vegan key lime pie. Lets throw in I kid you not, a compost amulet too. Here's to a memorable spring.

Items in this set:
Ridgeway Blouse, $88
Michael Antonio Galian, $50
Glass Amulet with Compost, $245
Kirra Loungewear - Mens - Dreamy Stripe Cami - Lime X Xs, $
Philosophy Celebrate Life, $16
 Ridgeway blouse $88
Textured glasses $26
 Lantern $9

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