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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Don't Be The Bunny, a Punny Fashion Blog

I was just invited to a non-denominational "Wear your Easter Bonnet" Party. I grew up in a mixed Judaic-Christian home, and my sister Heidi and I wore hats religiously. Bare with me this reminds me of a joke... A joke that is quite appropriate for the holidays and my vegan blog.
2 bees were buzzing around.
One bee says to the other bee,"Hey what's that black thing on your head?".
The bee answers, "Well, that's my yarmulke".
Your yarmulke?
Yeah, my yarmulke....what did ya think I was a wasp?
Bahahahaha.  (and remember no honey, honey)

Here is some fashion buzz. I just can't help myself today.
I live for hats! I have quite a collection of cruelty- free chapeaus. I'll let you borrow one for Sunday if you want. But if you'd like your very own topper, check these out. I would wear each and everyone of them. Happy holidays everyone. Thanks for reading. xoxox GiGi
Love and Be Loved
And remember my friend, whatever holiday you celebrate be nice to the bunny! And don't eat Peeps!


  1. that clip is especially Creepy without sound!
    I am work trying on LIDS ..I have settled on my new favorite,which is a lovely deep, rusty,red,and dark brown stripe with a fabulous brim,that I naturally have turned up in the front..oh the best part is I am modelin'it "Minnie Pearl"style..blahhhahahahah
    how bored am I,you ask? VERY F'N BORED

  2. Hats off to you, Minnie. Just leave the price tag on. It will make the hat more Minnie.