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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What are Marshmallows?

Last week my friend Lynnore yes famous blogger Lynnore from "Lynnore's Logic" that Lynnore, facebooked me and asked if I would share some helpful veg friendly kitchen hints.

Lynnore and her new BF Thomas are long time vegetarians and are on the hunt for nifty recipes sans dairy. They have committed to eating healthier on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Surely I could oblige, after all they are eschewing dairy two nights a week. I dig Lynnore so, I gave her a thumbs up on her blog, added accolades for her adventurousness, sent some love ahead for her newish relationship and promised to post some mouthwatering recipes. First,
I mozied over to catch up on Lynnore's Logic.

In one entry Lynnore posted a photo of a vegan Shepard's pie. It is topped with gorgeous golden mashed potatoes. Atop this crusted potato Lynnore has artfully written in mass murderer block letters , "Eat Me". Another entry featured a melange of purple and red turnips, and bright green brussel sprouts, a vegie collage that would make Molly Kazden proud. Dear reader, don't look too close, looks like new boyfriend, Thomas snuck in some Crisco.

Well, well I was quite impressed by Miss Goldfarb's entries. Maybe this Crisco sneaking dude is the right guy for Lynnore after all. Why Lynnore's entries are terrific, imaginable colorful, dare I say veganly... and suddenly I heard Satan...

Doesn't look like Lynnoree needs your help, GiGi. Her pics are better than yours. Yours are always blurry.
That's true.
And one more thing GiGi...Lynnore's kitchen is bigger.
Yeah, that's true.
And she has more money than you...
Not really.
Yeah well her insurance is better. Remember her foot surgery. That cost a pretty penny.
But but... She's almost a vegan, I said as I shooed Satan/Seitan? away.

And besides, I need to get back into the vegan experimental kitchen, you little devil,and anyway and I'd like to be of service to my fellow blogger...

And then I saw it... It was like I was given new sight. Right there on Lynnore's Logic, Right in the midst of that funky kitchen of hers... that kitchen that Satan so lovingly pointed out to me, there right in the middle of the cooling racks were cookies...cookies that Lynnore and new BF Thomas whizzed up were cookies with

Yep. Cookies made of bone marrow! Those are Collagen made rice krispie treats, Lynnore! Marshmallow, that white gelatinous blob that makes S'mores so fun for those little annoying girl scouts, and makes camping such a big dealy, that's right. Well you know what marshmallows really are, girl scout troop #572? Marshmallow is collagen extracted from connective tissue found in organs of pigs, cattle and ponies.

Aha they are not VEGAN! But Ricemellow is and you can find it at your neighborhood online shoppe! What's more is you can make all kinds of goodies and even spoon it out of the container right into your mouth.

Check out this awesome store along with Ricemellow and all types of goodies. Come back tomorrow and I'll share some pony safe desserts.


  1. Oh my God, Gigi!!!!
    I had no idea marshmallows were made from bone marrow! When you asked me what they were made of, I thought you were talking about the corn syrup. I don't even take capsules or eat Altoids, because of the gelatin. I won't eat Caesar salads, because of the anchovy paste.

    You are right, that is disgusting! We only made those, because Thomas's Mom is very ill living in Wisconsin and he wanted to send her the same things she sent him. Yipes!

    By the way, thanks for the great praise!

  2. PS--We did not use Crisco when we made the potato and yam was peanut oil.

  3. Please tell Thomas I wish is mom a speedy recovery.