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Monday, January 25, 2010

Future Clients Please Bypass this Post/Homage to My Mommy

That's right. If I mistakenly gave you a link to my Blog today, come back tomorrow or click on the archives to the right of this blog. I might use some graphic language here and I don't want to be disqualified from the potential sales job at "Rocky's Real Deals". I've jumped through too many hoops for that job and I am very very good with the public.
If you are one of my 6 blog (or is it 5 now?) followers you probably know this is mostly a vegan food site. The other day in the midst of non health care reform day, I posted a blog about fruit. Vegan fruit of course. I talked in particular about my dad and husband's aversion to peach fuzz. I never wrote anything in the blog about my mom. I know my mother all too well. If she were to read the fruit blog she would say, "What about me, where's mention of me?"

I would simply say, you like fruit, Mom.
It's true Mom, sometimes you like lemon danish, sometimes you like prune, mostly you like lemon, but you don't have any real fruit hate going on, there Mom. But there's no pacifying her. Fruit or not, this is about my mom. I have to write about her.

But...I digress, did you ever wonder what tapioca came from? You know those bubble teas that were so popular a while back? Did you know that tapioca actually comes from the sticky rooted plant called the cassava. Yep, that's where tapioca comes from.
To make bubble tea or Bobo tea, tapioca is heated and then formed into pellets that look like one big snot ball.

Bobo tea is often served in a clear cup with a very large straw. They come in various flavors like cantaloupe and peach. One site says the big tapioca pearl resembles jello or gummy bear. Jello is not vegan!

Now that you know how to make this Taiwanese beverage, let's get back to my mom. My mom has no problem with fruit or even haggis for that matter but will denounce any form of tapioca even a delicious tapoioca pudding, because (Oh boy I am so grounded)
tapioca looks like boogers.

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