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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Dickensian Tale and 2013 Pie

Yes, 2013 hardened us. We could have added more crap to complain about but since this is a blog, I didn't want to have you sit through a Dickensian snore fest. Sure Larry and I spent a couple days shackled together in a dungeon, clinking our hollow tin cups against the bars. " Please sir, more chocolate avocado pudding, Sir!" Sure we shuffled up grey back alleys wearing just recycled newspapers on our calloused feet and extra large Hefty bags on our bodies. They weren't really Hefty bags, let's face it they were lunch size baggies, but we had lost a lot of weight.

Dumpster diving is not pretty when you are a vegan. Yep there are slim pickings in the garbage when you're a vegan. Vegans like to eat so much that there's never anything left over, you know all those food selfies and restaurant Instagrams  vegans shoot, vegans are pigs! I mean it. Vegans never have left overs, ever. Everything winds up in their greedy little vegan tummies, and if by chance there is a scrap leftover it ceremoniously winds up in the compost heap. I never even heard of compost diving. This leaves vegan dumpster divers in a pickle.  Our best dumpster score was a smidgen of  leftover jack fruit juice in a can, and some almond pulp. Whatever gets you through the night, I always say. 

We were going to do a Kickstarter campaign to get some funding for Veganville, which is how the above video began. We couldn't figure out a mission statement, and then we realized our mission was just to stay out of the Mission. Let's get real here, our real mission is to keep Larry out of the poky so we need money for that. Yeah, so our mission is to raise for us. When you think about it what else could be more altruistic than giving money to our cause. Remember you can save your tax dollars by keeping us on the outside, and  you'll be giving to a worthy vegan cause- US. 
Please give what you can, and if your can't right now, please keep coming back to this blog, because it's never too late to donate to US. Thank you. 

Below please find  last year's Thanksgiving pie, called "Home Sweet Home Spelt Pie." I made this with the hope that it would not be our last home cooked meal.

This is not a baking mistake or a burnt crust from my baking. My "Home Sweet Home Spelt Pie" looked really good out of the oven. Unfortunately it got singed when Larry lit the house on fire. Still it manages to look festive, Right?

The recipe can be found in babycakes. It's a wonderful book, but Erin couldn't think of calling this anything other than "Apple Pie."  Hmmmph.

In the meantime...we've got these people to thank.

Written and Directed: GiGi
DP/Director all cinematography except interview: Jeremy Fukunaga
DP and Post Production film editors, Directors:
Jake Gomez
Rick Lee Rahn

Director Interview: Tim Mull

Order of Appearance:
Fletcher Brooke: Brooke Fletcher
Skutch Sandalman: Tim Mull
Larry: Larry Tasse
GiGi: GiGi 
Zombie 1: Molly McCormick
Zombie 2: Noreen Poli
Zombie 3: Brooke Fletcher
Zombie 4: Tim Mull

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  1. I completely remember watching (and loving) the video, but it seems I forgot to comment! Unless you erased the comment or there was some sort of glitch. Please let Larry know that help is on the way!

  2. Hi Zsu! I am so glad you enjoyed it. Larry is happy for the help!
    No, I never saw the comment, and I am thrilled to have a comment too :) Thank you. I was very lonely over here.