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Saturday, September 7, 2013

MoFo 2013 "The Ketchup Caper" Lieutenant Columbo Interrogates GiGi's Husband

Lieutenant Columbo: Sorry to bother you at a time like this. May I come in?
Larry:You are in. 

Lieutenant Columbo: My wife and I were watching Prime Time and saw the interview with your son,Jerry.
He seems like a good kid.

Lieutenant Columbo: You know, the wife and I love watching television with a nice bowl of chili and saltines and ketchup.
LarryMy wife hated ketchup, Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Columbo: She hated it? How about chili with some chunky meat?
LarryMy wife was a vegan, Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Columbo: I see. Sorry to bother you. (starts to exit)
LarryGood day, Lieutenant. 

Lieutenant Columbo: Oh and one more thing. My wife would like to cook healthier meals, how do vegans replace the chunky meat in chili. What should I tell my wife?
LarrySoyrizo is good. 

Lieutenant Columbo: One more thing. Your wife... she really doesn't like ketchup?

Cheezy Roasted Polenta

3.5 C water divided
1 1/4 C Yellow Cornmeal or polenta
small can of diced roasted chilies
sea salt to taste
4 oz. vegan shredded cheddar or mozzarella

Combine 2.5 C of the water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Mix cornmeal with remaining water in small bowl. Add cornmeal mix to boiling water, stirring constantly. Reduce heat to low. Cook for 3 minutes,add in chilies and shredded cheez and cook until thickened and cheez in melted. Add soyrizo to your favorite vegan no ketchup chili and serve on top of polenta.

Anyone with any info about the whereabouts of GiGi please contact:


  1. My parents loved Columbo! Thanks for the flashback. And you have his affects down pat! Nicely done... hope you are found soon...

    1. GiGi's parents loved Columbo too. I hope he finds GiGi soon too. Thank you for helping to find GiGi.

    2. If GiGi turns up, congratulate her on being nominated in VegNews. I voted for her!

    3. Thank you from the bottom of GiGi's family's heart :)

  2. So who made the recipe if GiGi is missing? Did Colombo make it and send back photos?

    1. Yes, Veggie Amanda Columbo followed Lary's recipe instructions and whipped up this recipe for his wife.

  3. VeggieAmanda makes a good point! This is all looking very suspicious... I'm wondering if Jerry locked her in a steamer trunk as payback for all of the years they spent doing ventriloquist tours... Who's the dummy now?

    1. Bahaha. Cadry, Jerry Loves his MOMMY! but true those tours could have worn his brain out. I would give your tip to the proper authorities.

  4. The ketchup thing is weird. But the Columbo thing is great.

    1. My mommy hated ketchup. Hope Mr. Columbo finds her. Thank you for helping FF.

  5. i remember at saturn how gigi got a taste of ketchup and she was like 'eww'...

  6. I'm still getting over the not liking ketchup part! *gasp*