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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Frozen Dessert and Acceptance Speech

I would like to thank all the people who have made my three Loveliest Blogger Awards possible.

1. A big thank you goes out to Stevie Wonder who penned the song, "Isn't She Lovely?"
2. And a big shoutout to my friend Lionel Richie who wrote especially for me, "She's Once Twice, Three Times a Blogger."

If you are too young to know who these men are you probably never drove a 1969 Caddy with AM radio in 1981. Don't worry about it, the joke wasn't that good anyway. For future reference, Stevie Wonder is blind and once wore dreads. Lionel Richie as you will see on Wikipedia was signed to Motown with a band called the Commodores. Richie also has a uber chic skinny ass daughter, Nicole. Nicole was once besties with one of those party girl hotel heiresses, but then they had a big fight in the hotel room.

Stick around for the rest of the acceptance speech so you can attend the vegan after party.

1. Thank you Cadry, of Cadry's Kitchen. Cadry and I were separated at birth, even though I am decades older. Cadry is a star cook, raw juicer, and star of silent screen. Sorry Stevie.
Cadry makes me guffaw.

2. Thank you Meg from The Snarky Chickpea. I happened upon Snarky a couple of Mofos ago when she was just opening her first can of chickpeas. Her voice was honest, funny and well of course snarky, and her recipes sounded delicious and easy.

3.Thank you to Richa from Vegan Richa. Vegan Richa is the updated Hobby and More. Richa is a doozer and kind person to boot. Richa churns out beautiful  Indian recipes, breads, gluten free desserts at an alarming rate. She makes Martha Stewart look like a lazy ass.
I'm supposed to pass on the award, but most people I know have received the award many times over, and I don't want to make this like a bad chain letter. Still I'll probably come back and give someone something. Quickly, in Loveliest Blogger here are 5 things you probably don't know about me.  

1. I can't eat cooked celery, but I can eat raw celery.
2. I can't eat raw zucchini, but I can eat cooked zucchini.
3. I cannot eat an apple unless it segmented.
4. My favorite dessert would be a vanilla milkshake,(made with rice dream ice cream), and a black and white cookie.
5. I wish I had a knish with mustard right now.

Did you stick around for the party?
You can find this super cute vegan dish by Jeanette Zeis on Etsy
I went to three different places for ripe juicy peaches. Nada. I wound up making Various Berry Frozen Yogurt instead and it does not disappoint.

We set up a last minute impromptu yogurt bar.

Various Berry Frozen Yogurt or Smoothie
2 C plain Wildwood Soy yogurt
3/4 C Cold Coconut Milk
8 oz. TJ's Very Cherry Blend Frozen Fruit
1 T ground flax seed
1-2 T agave
2 Stevia packets

Add everything to blender, and blend well. If you prefer a smoothie, just add some rice, soy, hemp or almond milk, get your trusty swirly straw ready and you are set to slurp.
If the yogurt is your thing, pour into your ice creme maker and follow manufacturer's directions.

Thanx for sticking around for the party. I'll be back with a recap of our mini vacation and a fun gift idea and some Veganville changes. See ya soon.


  1. Brava! Brava! Congratulations on the much deserved award, and thank you for the kind words! (You forgot to thank your agent. Is he going to be upset?) I am happy I stuck around for the vegan after party. That's not the kind of thing I get to enjoy everyday, and the yogurt bar looks like the perfect cap to the evening.

    I'm intrigued to hear there are changes coming to Veganville. I'll be waiting with baited breath! (Hmm, is baited breath vegan?)

  2. You are welcome, and thank you! I fired my agent.
    Hmmm, baited breath since it has do with life and oxygen is indeed vegan, Cadry, or did you bait me?

  3. Funny about the cooked vs. raw food. I have some of those, too. I always kind of shudder when cooked celery appears but it's good raw. And raw fennel makes me puke, but I like it baked.

    I've never made frozen yogurt but that seems odd now that I think of it. I mean, why haven't I. Lately I've been too lazy to freeze anything that can't be frozen in my vitamix but maybe I should drag out the ice cream thingy and make frozen yogurt. It sounds so good.

  4. Sheesh. It took me three tries to prove I wasn't a robot. Why are the numbers and letters so hard to read? And now I have to do it again. Grrrrrrr. Take me to your robot leader.

  5. I'm the same way with celery & apples. :)

  6. Yeah Andrea, what's up with the cooked celery, I even refuse to do a mirepoix.
    I like fennel both ways but I do understand the puke, aspect, Andrea.

    Good to know I am not alone, Molly with the apples or the cooked celery.