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Friday, January 6, 2012

Shortbread Recipe in Honor of the Alleged Winner of Longest Contest in History

Do you care that this Nasoya "Cool Beans" contest has taken over my life? Nights are endless and tofu will never be the same. Rivka, I am sad to say did not claim her Nasoya swag. I even gave her an extra two days. Now if this next winner does not step forward I might have to send this Nasoya Tee and coupons to my mommy in Los Angeles, and she's not even one of my followers. Here is a reason why. My mom does not like it when I post pictures or videos of me that make me look like an aging Pinocchio. She didn't use those words exactly. She just thinks I look better in person. Aww thanks mom. When she told me how she felt about the videos I laughed and said, that's right I have  a face only a mom could love. My mom got upset and said, and your father and your husband could love and added, what happened? You were never like this? Like what? The truth is, I am happy with who I am, some days I'm happier than others.My serenity is direclty proportionate to my self acceptance. The truth is as I get older the lighting gets worse. Before I include today's, not so attractive, special on location, "Cool Beans Winner" video, I have a disclaimer. (This is for you Mommy).
1. I am not wearing a shower cap.
2. I actually have nice hair, but I need it cut and colored. This is my need a new coif hat.
3. I am cuter in person.
4. This Nasoya "Cool Beans Contest" has aged me, considerably.

Here are some special cookies for my special Mom. My Mom was born in Scotland and actually crawled under an immigration table to come into this country. This worked to my advantage as a kid. If my mom threatened to ground me I threatened to have her deported.  An old Scottish saying is," He who has contempt for food is a fool." I think they also say, "He who has contempt for whiskey is a fool", but it's my blog and I can say what I want to say.
I surprised my mom with this over the holidays and she loved it. I was surprised it got all the way to Los Angeles like this. I didn't pack it or anything. I just sent it through the mail on this plate.

Scottish Shortbread kind of, (it's not like the kind I grew up on but My Mom gave it a thumbs up!)

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
8 T Earth Balance
2 T vegetable shortening (I use Spectrum)
1 1/4 cup confectioners sugar (powdered sugar)
2 T organic sugar
2-3 T ice water
Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Beat sugar, salt, Earth Balance and shortening on medium speed until light and fluffy, about 1-2 minutes.

Gradually sift flour mixture into the butter-shortening mixture, and mix with wooden spoon or spatula. Stir together with the spatula until the dough comes together. Add 2 T-4 T of ice water so the dough holds together.
Lightly grease and line 8 X 8-inch baking dish or round pan with parchment paper.
Place the dough into the prepared pan and press it down with your fingers into a smooth, even layer.

Use a fork to pierce holes into a decorative pattern.

Bake for 45-50 minutes until the shortbread is a pale golden color and slightly dark at the edges.

Remove to a rack and let cool until it's slightly warm. With a sharp knife, cut almost all the way through to form triangles.

And now the moment you've all been wating for...yet another winner of the Nasoya "Cool Beans Contest"!
Drum roll please!


  1. Haha. Thanks for all the laughs. The cookies look great — very beautiful, and not old at all. Oh wait, your mom wasn't talking about the cookies, was she? Well, I think you're pretty cute, and I've never seen you in person.:)

  2. When I was really young I overheard my dad stating that he was a 'documented alien' to the tax person. It freaked me out - thinking my dad flew down on a UFO!

  3. Never a dull moment with GiGi! Somehow I feel that giveaway was rigged though... *sneaky eyes*
    Thank God you can put it in the past now, though! ha. You poor thing--you must have gone days without sleep...
    And your mother. Your poor mother. I always warn my mother when she is getting a little sassy that I will put her in a home if she continues on. Maybe instead of deportation you can threat her with this :) And she lives in LA??? Oooohhhh, I know who is visiting me when she visits her mother...

  4. at least something tasty came out of it ... i was just thinking today (i got star wars cookie cutters, thanks williams sonoma!) about what kinda cookies to make. you can't go wrong with butter. who doesn't like butter? and sugar. butter and sugar. shortbread it is. i'll have to try out your recipe. i also got a scottish themed xmas gift last year and a ceramic baking thingie with a recipe which i still haven't used. must used. any excuse for something sweet. making note of your recipe. happy giving away-eth!

  5. Awww, Andrea. Thank you. That will make my mom very happy. Yes, the cookies don't like like Pinochio at all.

  6. Haha, Miss Muffcake. Actually I think my husband is an alien, or maybe a brother from another planet.

  7. Hey Sneaky eyes, hahaha. I agree with you, rigged. Now to hunt down Jenny. I shouldn't use the word "hunt" on this vegan blog. I never make threats, I don't intend to carry out :)deportation is one thing, a home...Hmmmm. quite another. I wanna come visit YOU.

  8. ij- Staar Wars cookie cutters, may the kitchen force be with you, what fun. Let me know how they come out.or use the Scottish themed gift, already ;)
    Now I'm off to find Jenny.

  9. Congratulations to Jenny! I hope you'll be able to find her and give her the bounty of tofu coupons that she's won. Tell your mom that I always enjoy your videos and you don't look anything like Pinocchio. I should know. I used to work at Disneyland.

  10. Cadry-I called Jenny at 867-5309 but she's not answering. Yes it is a bounty!
    Thank you, I'll pass on the good news to my Mommy.
    Oooh, were you Snow White?

  11. Sadly, I believe that's the number that is solely used for setting up a date with her. You may have to try her Soyl. Soyl? Soy Cell? It would have worked much better said aloud, but admittedly, it's still a groaner.

  12. Really, oh no Cadry! Perhaps I should disguise my voice when I call.
    Soyl...Soyl bahahahaha.

  13. Ha, you're so funny! Am I too late?! I hope not!!! I'm so excited. I wish I would have responded the minute you posted this so that you could begin reversing the aging process. My family of 5, almost 6, who loves tofu thanks you!
    That shortbread looks so good, unlike anything I've ever seen!

  14. JennnnnnnY Congratulations to you and your almost (any minute now family of 6). You are the perfect person to win. I am so excited. This is so worth the wait!!!! Best of luck to you and your family and to happy healthy baby. Hugs, GiGi

  15. hahahaha Gi, I think your mom's eyes must've turned blurry with all the laughing after watching your videos and you know what they say about laugh tears, they can add a pinocchioish hue to even the cutiestest of cuties. ;)

    I love how you "world's largest automatic NUMBER generator" spells out "Rivka and Jenny"!! LOL

  16. Ha. Thank you much, Veganosaurus. I didn't know about the Pinocchioish Hue, well that explains it!!!
    I know isn't that generator something? Do they have anything close in India?

  17. looks like u finally have a winner who got back! else I could just win by a slight alphabetical error in the name!

  18. Yes, Remember I picked you first :)
    Did you mispell your name last time, perhaps?

    1. I think you look great!...that short bread looks so good!