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Friday, November 4, 2011

The Awakening...A Hot Non-Toddy

Hi everybody, thanks for coming back. I'm still a wee bit woozy and lightheaded. So word on the street is that MoFo is still happening and roundups are still going strong. I heard some MoFoers have been pulling all nighters, and have not missed a day of blogging since MoFo 2009. And I thought that my "Gratitude Cafe" raw candy was going to be my last post for at least a week. Oh man had I known everyone else would still be  bringing it... I would have unplugged the John Tesh ambient machine. Yeah, right. Can't wait to hear John Tesh unplugged. (Bahahaha!) And at least got out of bed to post.

Well I guess can't undo the last few days and nights can I? There is no use crying over spilled (insert hemp, almond, rice, soy ) milk.  I will slowly creep my way back into the blogosphere with my spiced ruby chai pumpkin soy chai. Guess I've still got one foot in (notice the blood red) October. Pumpkin works for all the fall and winter months. Don't you think? This hot non-toddy  is so amazingly good it will comfort you all year round.

1 C of Vanilla Rice or Vanilla Soy milk
1 C coconut milk
3 T pumpkin puree
3 T agave

1 tsp allspice or pumpkin spice
1 tsp  ground ginger
2-4 Ruby Red Chai tea bags (or regular Chai)

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan over medium heat and whisk. Add tea bags to saucepan. Heat to simmer, remember to whisk often.

Pumpkin Soy Creme

1 silken tofu (drained)
3 T pumpkin puree
1/4 C agave or maple syrup
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla flavoring

Add ingredients to food processor or blender and process to smooth. Refrigerate until Chai drink is made. Serve on saucer next to tea. Delicious alone or added to the Ruby Red Chai drink.

This drink is perfect before bed. And you know how much I like bed :) Night Night. I've got to get some rest to catch up with all these MoFo marathoners.


  1. That looks delicious! It's finally cooled off a little here in northeast Florida, and I'm going to make a big mug of that chai as soon as I open a(nother) can of pumpkin. Thanks, GiGi!

  2. Hi Kate-
    Just cooled down a little here, and we are seeing a bit of fall as well as rain in NOrthern Cal. I know I think we keep the pumpkin people in biz. Thanx for stopping by. Best of luck with your blog move. (that is you right?)

  3. Seriously, I can't believe the MoFO!! Sounded like fun but blogging EVERY day! WOW!!!!

  4. Haha. MoFo is a blast. I met so many awesome people and got to read new fascinating vegan blogs. You don't even have to blog everyday, you can make your own committment to how many days you want to blog for. And go for it that way.
    Thanx for stopping by.

  5. Good morning GiGi, or good evening, whatever the case may be. I think you need to put your cuppa on a warmer by the bed, to be enjoyed whenever you finally arise. You'll get an extra hour this weekend so I expect a post Monday morning!

  6. Good morning, Andrea, I think. I like your idea about the warmer, getting it installed now. You got it.

  7. Where's the liquor??? hehehe. Just kidding, I can't contain hard liquor :) But the non-toddy sounds fabulous! I love warm, fun drinks like this during fall so me thinks this is the perfect beverage of choice for me!

  8. You kidder you! Liquor is not my friend. Thank you it is such a warm comfort drink!

  9. That sounds so yummy! Have a drink for me!
    I think your Mofo was a huge success! You are on my RSS so don't worry! I won't miss a blog post from you! Just may be a little slow on it now I don't have my computer on everyday! (I'm still exhausted after mofo!)

  10. Ha. Will do. Thank you that is so sweet of you. Backatcha.
    I hear you on the exhaustion. I'm working my way back slowly but surely. I hope you will too. I'm a follower of you as well. Your page on "why vegan" is should be distributed world wide :) Love it.