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Monday, November 29, 2010

MoFo 27 Veganville Notices You Award

So it's getting down to the wire and almost time to wrap up MoFo 2010. Yep it was my intention to blog everyday but as life would have it I missed three days. Not bad considering I've worked a lot of 14 hour days in the last month, and I've had next to no time off. A blessing, really.
There are a plethora of nifty vegan blogs infiltrating the sphere. It's been so cool to go through the google bundle and riffle through the blogroll.
The other day when I was scrolling through said bundle I came across Vegun Chef and I guffawed. The title of their post was "You can Be a Bad Blogger When..." I clicked on their link and was brought to the remainder of the post, "when no one reads your blog". I laughed more.
Hey Vegun even has some cool pics and recipes. And get this only had three followers but now they have 4. I was so happy to oblige.
I'm the queen of the underdog. Probably one of the reasons I'm vegan. Defenseless unread bloggers can be right up there with abandoned turtles and walruses. This can be a lonely planet. I decided to search for other lonely bloggers who blogged and took photos but received few comments or followers. On the day before the last day of MoFo I decided to rescue these black hole bloggers and offer them a "Veganville Notices You" Award.

4 my blog
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Here are a few blogs I stumbled upon that have 15 or less followers and they totally rocked!

Vegun Chef
A Fresh New Stomach
Biking and Baking
Bite Me I'm Vegan
Choose Your Own Food Chain

Parsley Park
Vegan Gourmet Caravan

Know anybody else lost in the blogosphere? Send them here for a big ass acknowledgement!
Give 'em all some love.


  1. Thanks so much GiGi. :) I was convinced that I'd been blackballed because I missed about 10 days' worth of posting. Also, if you wouldn't mind helping me out some more, would you change the url you have for me to this:

    Peace to you!!!

  2. Shoot. Now I am mis-typing my own url! I meant to ask you to change it to THIS:

  3. Yes. You are so welcome! Of course. Just noticed it myself. Yikes.Done.

  4. Very sweet, GiGi! Not that you are an underdog by any means - you kick some lovely vegan ass =)

    Always nice to visit ya...

  5. Thanks GiGi! It's so kind of you to promote your fellow bloggers. And it's so nice to know that generous folks are around! I guess it's not surprising though because we all know vegans have warm hearts. :)

  6. p.s. I tried to follow you but google keeps giving me an error message, "request too large." I plan on trying again later!

  7. Thanks so much for including me in your 'send em some love' list :) I never realised how many vegan blogs were out there. Vegan MoFo has been a wonderful adventure of discovery in that regard - it's how I found your blog too!!!

  8. GiGi you are amazing! Thank you, Thank you. I'm going to have to start posting... Pics and recipes coming!

    By the way, I am from the East Bay and Santa Cruz. Just living in Wichita now because of work. Hope to return someday!

  9. Thanks for sharing the blogs- they are awesome! You are awesome for posting them! Before Vegan Mofo, I had less than 15 as well and now I am up to 17. Although, I am convinced that Blogger isn't reporting this accurately b/c I am on blog rolls and people comment on my blog all of the time that aren't listed as followers.

  10. oh my gosh. what a GREAT post. I am totally with the underdog. It's a bummer to spend so much time on a post and then get no comments, or even 3 comments. I love love love this post and I am going to go to all those blogs now and leave comments. Hoorah for Gigi!

  11. Thank you, everybody. That is very sweet of you all!

  12. Thank you for noticing my blog! It's way fun when I get a comment or a new follower that isn't someone I know:) And now I've found your blog too, very beautiful!
    I haven't poked through the MoFo blogroll yet, but I'm starting a project to go through them all, I can't wait for all the great sites I will discover.
    Happy Holidays,

  13. You are so welcome, Sarah. That's a great project! Thank you back!
    Happy Holidays!