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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Truth or Lie Pie

I made a cashew cream banana cookie pie today. And guess what else. No not that. Good try though. I found out that my husband kind of tells the truth.This is a shock to the system. I've gotten so used to Larry the Liar, that now I will have to change his moniker to Larry - something else - at least for now. You see, Larry is always raving and going on about how wonderful my baking and cooking is. I've always been gracious but I've also known how prone to hyperbole Larry is. We've had many fun filled hours with the gadget below.

Yes. Yes, in theory Larry sounds very sweet, and yes in theory Larry is, but sometimes I can't get a true read on whether something is really good or not, unless of course I have him strapped to a chair. Today I discovered the real truth serum. It's Cashew Cream (Banana) Cookie Pie. Larry hated it!!! He said he wouldn't like cashew creme any which way even in a savory dish. He doesn't like the texture, said it was too grainy. Yuk! Thank you Cashew Cookie Creme Pie. Now I can believe that Larry has really been wowed by everything I've made. But then again I liked this cashew cookie cream pie so much that I could I seriously devour the whole thing. Well now I won't have to share...

Cashew Cream Recipe for the Lie Pie
1 Cup Cashews soaked over night in 2 C of water and then drained
1/2 C H20
1/4 C canola oil
1/4C agave
1/2 tsp maple or non-alcoholic vanilla

Blend the cashews and 1/4 C of water on a high speed in your food processor until combined. Gradually add the remaining 1/4 C water. Slowly add canola in a fine stream. It'll start looking like cream. Add agave and flavoring. Refrigerate or freeze for 2 hours.

Larry the Liar Pie
About 12 TJ vanilla creme cookies or any vegan creme sandwich cookie
11/4 banana thinly sliced
2 T brown sugar or dark vegan chocolate curls (optional)

Twist open and separate the top and bottom of about 7 of the creme sandwiches. Cover the bottom of pie plate with creme side up. Place one thinly sliced banana over the cookies and then layer with the cashew creme. Top with the remaining banana and decorate with remaining whole cookies. Sprinkle with brown sugar.Refrigerate for a couple of hours or freeze for an ice cream type pie.

News Flash - Larry just finished the pie!


  1. GiGi, why don't you strain the cashew cream before adding the oil (besides it being a pain in the butt, of course)?

    I had the same gritty problem before my nut bag came along. {No, I'm not the nut bag...maybe.}

    Unless you just want the pie to yourself or enjoy the lie detector as is...I can understand that!!

  2. Good idea, thamk you. I think I'll even have Larry go to the store and ask for the nutbag aisle.
    Haha, VA!